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WTB Day- Why there is need for law to cater for rights of People affected by Tuberculosis ( PATB)?

Bukola Afeni

The launching of Declaration of the Rights of People affected by Tuberculosis was launched in Geneva, Switzerland in May 2019.

The Nigerian situation even though had improved significantly in terms of TB, early detection and treatment, with constant input from the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme and other development partners.
The gender and human rights approach has often been overlooked in terms of TB response.
The lack of human rights protection makes people more vulnerable to developing TB disease. This negatively affects the ability of People affected by TB( PATB) to access effective treatment and exposes them to stigma and discrimination.
The human rights approach to TB is also complemented by the gender-based approach which is grounded in the principles of gender equity, says the President of Lawyers Alert, Barrister Rommy Mom.
He disclosed while briefing Journalists at a press briefing to commemorate the 2022 World Tuberculosis day celebration in Abuja.
The President of Lawyers Alert highlighted that there is a need for the passage of TB specific laws in Nigeria to cater for the rights of people affected by Tuberculosis.
“Stigma and discrimination are human rights issues that people living with Tuberculosis are facing constantly. We are supporting TB’s response from the human right angle. Except we take the issue of TB in terms of gender and human rights, we may not make progressive change in Nigeria”.
Barrister Rommy Mom further emphasized the need to sensitize both the judiciary and the legal communities about the rights of People affected by Tuberculosis.
” There is a need to expand the capacity of legislators and policymakers to incorporate human rights-based approaches into TB laws and policies. When they are informed adequately, there will be an opportunity to advocate for the incorporation of the rights of PATB “.
The rights organization also called for the sensitization of health care workers in the public and private sectors on the need to integrate a human rights-based approach to TB in their day to day interactions with People Affected by TB( PATB).
The Global community marks World TB Day on the 24th of March every year. Nigeria ranks first in Africa in terms of the TB burden.

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