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World Food Day- Group cautions market women to stop adding chemicals into food items

Bukola Afeni

The Nutrition Society of Nigeria FCT Chapter has called on market women to deviate from adding chemicals and additives into food items   that are being consumed by Nigerians.

Dr Florence Uchendu, the Nutrition Society of Nigeria FCT Chapter Chiarman made the disclosure at the World Food Day Celebration organized  in  collaboration with FCT- CS- SUNN  Abuja.

According to her, the use of chemical and additives can lead to terminal diseases such as Cancer, liver sclerosis and diabetes.

She advised all market women to stop adding harmful chemical into food as it will affect the health of those who consume it at the long run.

“Most of the  terminal sickness that happens to people is caused by what they eat. Let us stop using chemicals to ripen food. Most of this sickness can be prevented if we learn to eat right at all times.”

“As part of our advocacy for the World Food Day, we decided to enlighten market women  on the importance of eating healthy foods. We understand that most of them do not know the negative implication that is why we are here to sensitize them”.

Dr Uchendu said the World Food Day is an opportunity to create awareness about the importance of eating healthy meals.

” We are here to sensitize both the market people and the consumers. We are here to inform them about the importance of washing and cleaning foods before consumption. To know that healthy eating will prevent diseases and infections ”

Mrs Victoria Idem, the PRO of Nutrition Society of  Nigeria  called on market women to always ensure that the food they sell to the customers are of good quality.

She added that when the food are not in good form they have a way of affecting the internal organs of the body, which is detrimental to the heart of the consumers.

She urged the new generation to always eat fruits and vegetables and deviate from eating fast food on a regular basis.

“I want young people to cultivate the habit of consuming fruits on a regular basis, as it aids in getting rid of toxins and diseases in the body. When you eat water melon, banana and other forms of fruits your body  gets filled up easily, and through this you will be in good form, and will not pay money to visit the gyms on a regular basis.”

A member of the association Christian Akonwe said the outreach was carried out to sensitize the consumers and the market women.

He further emphasized that market women should not use chemicals to preserve food and meat.

“We have many chemicals that are not good for human consumption.  Some go as far as using chemicals that are used for embalming dead body to preserve food items. We want market people to stop using carbide to ripen fruits.”

He further urged all Nigerians to be their brothers keepers by reporting anyone that engage in this deadly acts


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