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Why we need to formulate policies on Disease prevention- Minister

The Honorable Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, said the Federal Government will continue to formulate policies and guidelines to focus extensively on health education for Disease Prevention.

While placing strong emphasis on  Health and Wellbeing Promotion, Nutrition, working on clinical and rehabilitative components for the care of citizens.

The Minister made this known while delivering a lecture on the topic: Globalization of Public Health:  Implications for National Security at the National Institute for Security Studies, Usuman Dam, Bwari Area Council, Federal Capital Territory, recently.

Ehanire stated  that initial investment would eliminate over 60% of the national disease burden and not only save huge sums in curative costs but immensely towards a healthier populace

 He added that  a healthy, well-nourished population is the desire of every nation and a requisite for growth.

“ The achievement and maintenance of sound population health is therefore a major concern of each government, however, since there are huge differences in the capacity of Nations to access resources to provide adequate medical services to their citizens, international collaboration is well developed among nations.”

 In this regards the Minister explained that the philosophy promotes social justice and puts equity, collective responsibility and benefits for all humans as its goals, irrespective of global economic circumstances or disparity in the distribution of wealth in the world.

Describing the Security Service and other armed forces as “People who fight to ensure the security of the citizens,” while the health sector “fights the invisible enemies” which are infections and diseases, Ehanire said many types of diseases originate within a country due to poor public health safeguard like lack of clean water, poor personal, domestic and food hygiene, low sanitation standards that can become endemic or spread to epidemic level.

He expressed worry that diseases caused by pathogens that spread wildly  could be carried across borders by air circulation by disease vectors, but also by persons infected with the germs.  

“With  the increasing volume and ease of travel, especially by air for trade, international cooperation, forced population movement and displacement during conflicts and unrest, natural disasters, the possibility of carrying diseases beyond borders is high and becomes a matter of concern for national authorities, who must imagine and prepare for the possibility and the coat of these disease affecting their citizens.”

Speaking also on Climate Change and National Security, the Minister observed that it is an emerging factor finding increasing relevance. He hinted those changes in world weather patterns and its effect on the environment that appears to affect not only the predictability of seasons but even the behavior of certain creatures including microbes.

“The Nigerian Government focuses on Public health interventions seeking all –encompassing solutions that relate to the social environmental and economic determinants of health and health infrastructure development that includes routine immunization, water supply and treatment, sanitation and hygiene.”


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