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Where and What is RUWASA doing to shape the WASH sector ?

 The FCT which has underneath many functioning and active agencies left some reductant and RUWASA was one of them. Until a frontline hygiene consultant through the fct Minister of state brought the agency to limelight.
There is no doubt that public private partnership through the known consultant’s bold strides enabled RUWASA to embark on building public conveniences in major areas of need in the fct.
As a public affairs analysts,I witnessed the formal ground breaking ceremony which held at area one, where the honourable Minister of water resources,fct Minister of state, Gomo of Kuje, Emir of Jiwa, Sapeyi of Garki, Emir of Bwari,  fct permanent secretary and other highly placed top officials of the government attended. Since then,the building of public conveniences commenced but not to the level of our expectation. Our investigations revealed that there is a foul play, clash of interest and sabotage from some top staffs of RUWASA who out of envy and jealousy have ganged up against the knowledgeable consultant who initiated the scheme for reasons best known to them.
 There is the need for the fct Minister, Minister of state and permanent secretary to investigate my submission in the interest of the general public. Hitherto,open defecation was on the increase in the Fct until the initiative began. Administrative bottlenecks has severally hindered the success of delivery of dividends in the fct unknown to  the political higher administrative heads.
 We in our capacity as information managers are compelled to intimidate the authorities for redress. El Rufai as fct Minister succeeded with the help of consultants which fast tracked development.
The RUWASA consultant must be fairly treated and given his rights so as  to achieve results before the expiration of this administration. Where were the bottlenecks in RUWASA before the conceiving of such noble ideas? Without the putting up of the concept would there have been relevance of RUWASA? Was AEPB not doing the job of the agency before now?
 Honour must be given to whom it is due. We expect an immediate restructuring of RUWASA,transfer of some bottlenecks and probe of the management of public conveniences construction.
 Damian Eze NWACHUKWU is  the President, environmental reporters roundtable.

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