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Task ahead of President Bola Tinubu on emerging scandals in his administration

Integrity has no alternative except if we choose to lie. The man Bola Tinubu as Governor of Lagos state steered the ship of the state for good eight years without blemish making him the second best Civilian Governor after Lateef Jakande. After the swearing in of Mr President, he promised to sustain the fight against corruption of his predecessor Muhammadu Buhari.
With recent developments ranging from alleged age reduction by the acting customs CG to NYSC scandal of Arts Minister, one begins to wonder whether the Tinubu administration is desirous towards fighting corruption because corruption also extends to lying on oath, age reduction and misinforming the public.
The global information team’s accusation of the acting customs CG wale Adeniyi who till date has kept mute, undermines the constitutional roles of the DSS charged with secret security screening and background check on appointees.
“Even though the DG DSS Bichi might not directly be in the picture of what happened that made the department not to detect this error until a global team raised the issue itself is a dent on the entire DSS. At this point in time,  the DSS can do a thorough post screening intelligence gathering to ascertain the authenticity.of this weighty allegationsm.
“The customs service is a very sensitive security organisation that certain lies and falsification must not be tolerated. At the part of the CinC, he owes Nigerians explanation regarding how without getting proper brief approved the appointment of Mr Wale Adeniyi.
Many Nigerians are of the suspicion that the acting customs boss might have bribed some top government officials including some corrupt DSS officers with Tokunboh cars and money but no one is sure since it all remains allegation.
A whole chief justice of Nigeria Onoghen was investigated and sacked by Muhammadu Buhari due to allegations later proved,same way Magu and Kemi Adeosun for Efcc chairman and Finance Minister respectively. If the story about Adeniyi is swept under carpet,many Nigerians are bound to lose hope inthe ability of the administration to tackle corruption. The earlier the better for the protection of the image of the government. Since the weighty allegations,the acting customs CG has not responded pointing to the fact that the allegations are true. Hanatu Musawa issued press statement,the customs CG nor his spokesperson has not done so. The Senate has been petitioned through the office of the deputy senate President Jibrin Barau Kumalia. It is the expectations of Nigerians that a full investigation will be launched into this allegations by the Presidency,Senate and the department of state services under Bichi. The DSS through the arrests of former CBN governor and former efcc chairman have demonstrated their commitment to nationbuilding,as such,the investigation of the acting customs CG is another task they must accomplish.
Dr Aderemi Owoseni  is a member of the legislative roundtable against impunity and base in Ghana.

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