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Newspaper Publishers in Akwa Ibom State received with shock the clandestine, ill conceived and draconian manner in which the Chairman of the Akwa Ibom Environmental Protection and Waste Management Agency Prince Akpan Ikim conspired with a certain Magistrate who sits at the Sanitation Court along Akpa Ube Street, Uyo to imprison a journalist Mary Ekere of the Weekly Post Newspaper without fair hearing. 
As an institution, we view Prince Ikim and the said Magistrate’s action as not only draconian but a display of high handedness and wickedness against a defenceless journalist covering events on her beats. 
This action goes to confirm the immaturity and pretentious attitude of some persons appointed to serve the State Government and also lend credit to the fact that indeed bad eggs in the judiciary are more than we think. 
We call on the NBA to investigate the obtuse ruling from her member against Miss Ekere and the Akwa Ibom State Government to call Prince Ikim to order respectively as their continuous exhibition of actions like these will no longer be tolerated by Publishers who are the major employers of journalists in Akwa Ibom State. 
We advice both Ikim and his partner, the Sanitation Magistrate to seek lectures on how to live and coexist in a democracy such as ours as they are fast becoming threats to the practice of journalism. 
We urge our members to remain Law abiding as we pursue the unconditional release of Miss Mary Ekere going forward. 
NSIBIET JOHN Secretary, League of Newspaper PublishersAkwa Ibom State17-09-2019

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