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Presidential election choices: Why peace and harmony remain an illusion among electorates

By Alu Azege
I have had to engage with people from different spheres on the forthcoming presidential elections. It is interesting how everyone believes rather strongly, that their chosen candidates are the best things since sliced bread. Everyone wonders how daft anyone else is to not be supporting their own candidates.
Most of these people have been adjudged intelligent, objective and progressive over the years no doubt. Their current choices may not be a complete representative of these elements to me or you, but these are their  choices in this dispensation. As they live with it, I hope we will all allow everyone else to live with theirs? Else, Peace and harmony will be an illusion.
Maybe, these people’s choices are not because their preferred candidate is a role model, but simply because you have to make a choice (vote) from amongst the candidates presented to you now. I know someone who believes Sowore is the candidate to beat in this election.
He cannot convince me to vote for Sowore for any reason, for therein births the absence of peace and harmony.
I find it unbelievably distasteful that these intelligent people lack the ability to respect people and the choices they make! How is this so hard? That your realities and perspectives differ from mine?
Through this process, we find a group of people that appear determined to superimpose their choices on unassuming persons. Not through any intelligent conversation but rather threats, curses, abuses, name it and you will be right.
This only tells me to be weary and that their adjudged disposition hitherto, may have been skewed. Everyone is in this game to win, even Sowore, and they all just want to take hold of power, directly or indirectly.
It’s just sad the way we carry on and that’s why peace and harmony will forever remain an illusion.
Politics is a game of numbers and it is the person with the highest votes that takes the position at the end of the day. Brazil has been boiling because of their perceived rigging.
Each Party has put forth who in their opinion is the best for each office, and all we need do is conduct our due diligence if you still haven’t, and vote. If you must campaign, by all means do with verifiable facts of track records.
These very intelligent people have however, continued to campaign  through coercion and harassment to influence people. I am not sure when this worked, and it is not about to work now because of a few elements. How else do you describe witchcraft?
Nigeria belongs to us all and with mutual respect and understanding, we can dwell well together and our country, across board, will be better for it.
For now though, peace and harmony remain an illusion, maybe till the electioneering campaigns are over and scales fall off people’s political prisms.

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