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Ogun state targets 100% RI for measles vaccination exercise





Bukola Afeni

The acting executive secretary of the Ogun state primary health care development agency ,Dr Ogunshola said the state will target 100% routine immunization during the measles immunization exercise.

The National body gave us a target of at least 95″%,but according to the  standard in Ogun state ,we want to ensure that every child around that age limit of 9-59 months is reached ,and with the estimate  we want to reach 100%.
“Our target is to reach between 900,000 to 1 million eligible children during this exercise ,
We position to kickstart the immunization on measles on a great pedestrian ,knowing fully well that only 11 Local government  areas are implementing the first phase ,as our vaccine stock level is going down,we will liaise with the NPHCDA on how to get more vaccines available ,and to replenish us to meet our target ”
“When we had the 2016 immunization ,our coverage was around 80- 90%,we have not recorded any outbreak of this disease for the past two years ”
“It is a good indication that the measles vaccination we had ,was successful and the  routine immunization was very strong, it is also putting us on the spot that we don’t want to come down from the high pedestrian we placed ourselves of not recording any outbreak in the past two years

The acting executive secretary stated that Ogun state have a holistic plan for the health of the people ,by focusing on the health of the mothers as well and the entire family .
“We have the state assisted programme that bothers alone on infant and young children ,the state is putting at the front burner t ensure that routine immunization is effective in each LGAs”
“We are ensuring that the child is well taken care of,from infancy ,we ensure that our skill birth attendant is of high standard from infant period by ensuring that we give them proper care”

According to him,a child that comes out of a good pregnancy ‘tends to survive very well ,and we also have a very functional health system that ensures that the unit and children are taken care of when they have any infection ”
The states have benefited well from the federal ministry of health ,and UNICEF In children health care intervention .
“We have a robust family planning structure ,currently the state was invited to share the success story of how we  improved from 10% to 50% within four years .Government is committed to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted ,Our women have the choices of spacing their children ”
“Studies have shown that once birth is spaced the mothers will have more time to take care of their children .
So many factors are being put in in place to reduce  the rate of infant mortality in Ogun state ”
“One of the major leading cause of death of children is malnutrition ,and we are ensuring that the children are properly captured ,and the wife of the governor will ensure success in this regards ”

The governor of Ogun state ,Senator Ibikunle Amosu who was represented by the deputy governor ,Chief Mrs Yetunde Onanuga ,at the Flag off exercise for measles vaccination said the state government will ensure the effective implementation and coverage of the measles campaign ,which is scheduled to be held from Thursday ,1st March 2018 to Tuesday 13th March 2018 .
According to her ,the exercise will be held across the states in two clusters .
“The first phase of the cluster covered eleven local government and the local council development areas from 1st March -6th March 2018 .
The second phase took place from 6th -13th March 2018 ”
Speaking further ,she counselled all parents to allow their children to take part in the measles vaccination campaign,as measles is an acute and highly contagious disease that kills children more than any other vaccine preventable diseases in Nigeria.
“Measles can cause rashes ,fever ,and sometimes blindness in infected children and could even result in the death of such children. Children between 9-59 months are the ones most susceptible to the disease .
Chief Mrs Onanuga disclosed that over 16,000 women and children spread over the 20 LGAs and 37 LCDAs have been enrolled in the Araya scheme and access healthcare from both private and public health facilities on regular basis ”
“We have procured basic medical equipment ,and will be distributed to all primary health care centers in the state .


The commissioner for health in Ogun state ,Dr Babatunde Ipaye disclosed that the state government will administer 736,000 doses of the measles vaccine to the children in the state .
He also reinstate the fact that the state is committed to the health of the underfive children in the state .
According to him ,the government while paying full cognizance to the health of the people has paid its counterpart funding in good time ,despite the fact that some states cannot meet up with the commitment .
While also reinforcing all the different health initiatives to boost health care services in the states .
“We have launched the social health insurance scheme for the clusters that are economically disadvantaged in the state .We have 21,000 people who are presently in this scheme ,and we guarantee a robust health package for them ”
The commissioner of health further disclosed that the Multiple indicator cluster survey in 2016 shows that under five morbidity in Ogun state has reduced ,while tasking the Nigerian government to learn from the trend .
“We may not have built the best of facility ,but we have developed people Centered programme that have transformed the health sector .Between 2015 and now ,Ogun state maternal mortality is 119/100000,and Nigeria is rating 586/100,000.The result is ‘far better in Ogun state than at the national level”
Similarly ,he stated that the state government will ensure that all eligible children are vaccinated within the designated time .
The chairman of Ijebu east local government ,Honourable,Bayo Osikomaya said the Flag off exercise of the measles vaccination campaign is done so as to sensitize the residents of the states to bring our their children and ward from the age range of 9months to 59 months .
In the same vein ,he said there have been Several interventions and opportunity to sensitize the people to enable their children to partake in the exercise so as to prevent the childhood killer disease .
“During the period of this exercise ,trained personnel will be going round schools,markets ,and religious centers to children within the age limit’
“The programme will help us to sensitize the people ,so we will have minimal or low withdrawal by the people ,with this exercise we will target the eligible audience .
“We are advising teachers ,parents ,and proprietress to cooperate with the officers so as to prevent measles which is a deadly disease .We are using the opportunity to advise all the citizens to go to the primary health care centers to immunize their children ”
“We will review the daily activity to monitor the number of participation on a daily basis
A member of the National measles Technical committee ,Hajia Binta Babakura appreciate the state government towards the successful implementation of the national measles campaign .
“We are advising all mothers to bring out their children for the measles campaign exercise .We will ensure that all eligible children within this age range are covered despite previous vaccination exercise .They should keep the immunization card for reference and future purposes”
The WHO Consultant ,Dr Mrs Phillip while speaking said the development partners and the government is targeting 95% coverage during the measles campaign .
“We have taken the burden of the message to the grassroot through various medium such as jingles ,word of mouth and advocacy effort .
“We are calling on the traditional leaders to mobilize their wards so they can come out to partake in this exercise ”
She also encouraged mothers within their circle of influence to sensitize other
friends ,families ,colleagues and business partners to mobilize their children for the measles campaign ”
While monitoring the measles exercise in Ogun state ,at the Imusan area ,the first day of the measles vaccination exercise occurred on a market day ,so it was very hard for the officers to carry out the exercise.
The resident disclosed that they had to ascertains the identity of the field officers before they allowed the vaccination exercise be carried out .
While speaking to a teacher ,Mrs Aina  Ajayi highlight that the state government and the development partners should have given them prior notice before engaging in the exercise .
At the Ikenne local government area ,the team officer in the field disclosed that there is Need for the programme to be more coordinated as the team that is available is not enough for the eligible children .
The officers also complained that the zonal education officers were not competent enough to address them effectively in engaging in the immunization exercise.
At the Ijebu east local government area ,at the IFE two wards the vaccines were not properly kept ,the cold chain were not in proper order .
The immunization officer explained that the house to house mobilizers were not on ground to reach out to the parents and go from one household to another.
The team were not working inline with the daily implementation of the plan,
At the Ojowo settlement ,there was a temporary post ,and the turnout was favorable and impressive .

At the Shagamu local government area ,there was rejection by some schools such as St Pizzard group of schools ,initially there was refusal andrejectiion initially by the head of school ,but she later supported the team by bringing he students .
“I was not fully informed of the measles vaccination exercise that was why i initially rejected the exercise in my school ,but when some of the officials spoke to me on the importance of the exercise ,I had to change my mind ”
“Some parents normally complain that we have to inform them before giving their children any form of vaccinations or injection ,so we have to be very careful during the period the children are being entrusted in our care ”
While speaking to MRS Morenikeji Omolara ,the supervisor of the team said the parents have been very supportive .
“We didn’t not have any case of rejection by any parent ,they were so cooperative this year ,our target has been met for each day ,since we started this exercise ”
“Am inviting mothers to place a very high importance on this exercise ,and prevent all this communicable exercise ”
“We have seven team members ,and they have been doing all their best to ensure that this measles vaccination exercise is a success .
Mrs Ali Oluwakemi another vaccinator stressed on the need to engage in serious campaign before the immunization exercise ,as some parents complained of being ignorant of the exercise .
Alhaji Ajanni Odunlami,chairman Ibarra ward 15, community ,Abeokuta,said “We are very happy for the measles exercise being carried out in our community
At Ibarra ward 15,our people have been coming out massively.The community head were told to mobilize and bring the children out ,from one house to the other ”
“The team leader have Been moving from one location to another and the response have Been encouraging .
We have several clans here ,the head of each household are doing a great job,as they are following the team to mobilize eligible children ”
He is also Calling on all Nigerians to support government effort in making health care services accessible to all Nigerian Children ,irrespective of their tribe ,location and background
“The heat is very much at this time ,and am very happy that measles vaccination will help in preventing associated diseases linked to this weather ”
The community head normally organises meeting from time to time ,and we always talks to our people
Initially some parents use to resist this vaccination exercise ‘but with constant sensitization ,there have been great improvement in this regard .
MRS Oyegunle,the team supervisor at Ibarra two.Oke ilewo says the turnout has been very high,the vaccine is free and very safe ,
The team members have been working together to ensure the success of the program.
“We do routine immunization from Monday to Friday to give mothers opportunity to bring their children.
,and this have really helped in disease eradication ”
Am calling out all mothers to bring their eligible children for the measles vaccination exercise ,so as to prevent diseases and infections .
A mother who was on ground ,MRS Tolani Odetayo commends the state government for engaging in the measles vaccination .
“We are grateful for the opportunity given to our children at this period ‘we know that during this heat period ,children normally have different kind of diseases .Am advising all mothers to bring their children or this exercise ,it will not cause them anything ,it is free of charge .
At Abeokuta North local government the health workers noted that the vaccines on ground were not enough ,and also stressed the need for more mobilizers as the one on ground were not enough .
In Abeokuta South local government ,some schools were rejecting the vaccines as they claimed that they were not informed on time .
The headmistress of Moshood Abiola Nursery school refused to speak to our correspondent,but a teacher who spoke anonymously reteirates the need for the state government to liaise with the Ogun . state education board so that all the various schools will be captured during the exercise .
There is need for the various schools to be sensitized before the measles vaccination exercise .
At the redemption camp ,which is in under Obafemi owode local government ,there was no vaccination post to cater for the students and children resident in the camp .
The Ogun state commissioner ,Dr Babatunde Ipaye promised speaking to the general overseer so that the campaign can take place in the church premises .
The first phase of the measles exercise took place from the 1st to 6th of March in

The first phase of the cluster will cover eleven local government and the local council development areas from 1st-6th March 2018 .
The second phase took place in nine local government ,and their local council development area ,and was conducted from 6th -13th March 2018.


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