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Nutrition for growth summit- Experts seek to end malnutrition globally

Bukola Afeni
As part of the preparation for the Nutrition for Growth summit in Tokyo Japan, Experts in the nutrition sector has called on countries in the world to tackle malnutrition globally.
Speaking at a two days stakeholders meeting, Dr Biyerem Ukaire, SUN Focal point for the SUN movement in Nigeria, and  Head of Nutrition, Federal Ministry of Health, urged each country to take urgent steps in tackling malnutrition in the world.
She said leaders need to place a high value on nutrition and work with different stakeholders to meet the necessary result.
“We need to take drastic steps to experience a reduction in global nutrition. Nutrition is multi-sectorial, we will continue to put in our best to reduce malnutrition.
Nutrition is everyone’s  business, and all the sectors should come together to ensure that the medium-term action on nutrition is carried out effectively”.
Ifeledilichukwu Ekene innocent, Advocacy and Campaign Manager SURVIVE Save the Children, and CS-SUNN chairman said there is a need for government involvement in nutrition issues.
“When we can get the involvement of government, then we will experience positive change in the lives of women and children. We want the commitment that is actionable on their part to implement.
We are reaching out to all stakeholders to make reasonable changes in terms of nutrition this time around. We are consulting with all stakeholders to follow through with the implementation.”
According to him, from the point when we start experiencing commitments from all stakeholders, we will experience a change in the allocation of resources meant for Nutrition in Nigeria.
“This time around we want to  get the commitment right, and also ensure that  the Federal Government and the Vice President  makes the commitment, then issues of malnutrition in the IDP camp, and some states will be a thing of the past.”
Dr Ahmad Abdulwahab, Senior health Advisor, Nigeria Governor’s Forum, emphasized the need to prioritize nutrition in Nigeria.
“When we look at the statistics that we have presently, we know that there is a need to take urgent step to tackle malnutrition.
Nigeria currently has the highest number of stunting, and more than 50% of the underlying cause of under 5 mortality is caused by nutrition.
We are bringing about stakeholders to look at the challenges  facing nutrition and how to tackle them effectively.”.
“We urgently need a positive outcomes in terms of Nutrition, and we also need an enabling environment to get desired result for implementation.
Nutrition is one of the priorities of Universal Health Coverage, and the Governors have identified areas in the commitment, and they are using scorecard to identify the issues.”
The nutrition for growth is a global initiative to mobilize countries of the world, to tackle the menace of nutrition globally.
The meeting started in 2013, when various governments gathered in UK to make commitments.

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