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NIPOST set to bring about paradigm shift in postal system



The Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) has called for all hands to be on deck to bring about  unique paradigm shift in the postal service system.

The Chief Operating Officer Nipost, Lovetto Nwakame made the plea to the District Managers at a meeting in Abuja.

She charged the team members to make their contribution in such a way that the organization will not be found wanting in vital areas.

Analysing the need to urgently and continuously improve upon the mail handling system in Nigeria, the Chief Operating Officer explained how the organization  have  not been able to meet up with the mandate of delivering an efficient and effective quality of service to customers.

“While we point to some progress recorded in some areas, the major concern is that we are not meeting up with our mandate of delivering efficient quality of service to customers. The standard and target on the major products are falling, and with the new UPU concept of quality of service linked to revenue, it becomes worrisome as revenue (Terminal Dues, inward land rates and EMS imbalance) continue to dwindle due to our in ability to meet the set target.”

Speaking further, she said although mobile phones and text messages are tremendously impacting on the way people communicate, there is still need for NIPOST staff to double its efforts by reaching out to existing subscribers.

“We want to encourage the subscribers to renew their subscriptions regularly. Post Mail Boxes (PMB) and Post Office Boxes (are one of the major sources of NIPOST revenue”.

She further stated that the lack of effective supervision of e-commerce staff has led to poor handling and delivery of e-commerce items.

“The likelihood of NIPOST collaborating with Amazon, the global leader in e-commerce will be a game changing strategy for the organization. The principle of vicarious liability will henceforth be applied in all cases of negligence and malpractices,”

“No longer will only the schedule officers be sanctioned for any infractions committed by them, but they have the responsibility of monitoring, supervising and checking them.”


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