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National Hospital receives Servicom compliance award

Grace Okon
The  National hospital Abuja has been given the  servicom compliance award by the National coordinator Servicom .
The Chief Medical Director, Dr Jaf Mamoh said the hospital has improved on the customer care service center for the conveniences of the customer, the children theater with colourful and user friendly environment
He said the hospital management  has tried to bring some certain  innovations for the benefit of the patients.
“We have worked on  children theater in collaboration with a non Government Organization from the UK.
The corvid-19 and other infection unit was established by the hospital management through government financing budget, with intensive health care unit, and set of sufficient infection unit with standard equipment and dialysis machines for, a ten bed infection unit,  with lab”.
In the same vein, he added that the management had  set up a CT SCAN machine in place for the benefit of cancer treatments,
” The National hospital has become a one stop hospital in Nigeria for the provision of one-stop machine with ultra sound for the perfect functioning of the hospital for cancer chemotherapy patients.”
In addition, the hospital is restarting its training school, and also has become a   digital centre  for all digital data documentation.
“We want to reduce missing case notes by patients. They  can get necessary information and direction from  the reception, and from the “ask me team” for enquiries and information provision.
The hospital management had doubled  the bed space of the hospital with quality service manual information and the office website as well.’
Dr Jaf explained  that with the  500 hundred bed space hospital, there would be increase in the cost of operation of the hospital management.
“With the achievement of new heavy duty equipment, cancer and radiology equipment, we are making progress in the hospital. About 40 patients in the hospital are benefiting from the current Minister of health free cancer treatment. Although it is a  continuous process program, the patient must register the software”.
He noted that the national hospital will soon open 50 beds for cancer patients.
The Servicom National Coordinator said the group  evaluated the hospital  team and witnessed high level of professionalism among the staff.
“We are here to facilitate the policies and evaluate the work of the government organizations and agencies. We are here to look at the findings, and highlight what has changed since our first visit. The website is fully operational and patients have access to information “.
She added that service provider is an utmost priority in such areas like lift, and social media improvements on the management and friendly environment for the patients.
” Directional information is also very recommended with a radio announcement which is highly  prioritized.
The “ask me team” should be regarded as director of social and information, with the need to train the hospital staff on  improvement of attitude”.

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