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NACJOURN commends Ondo state government on plan to return school to owners

Bukola Afeni
The Network of African Christian Journalists (NACJOURN) has commended the Governor of Ondo state on his determination to return all private schools in the State to their original owners before they were taken over by Federal Government sometime in the 1970s.
The group in a press statement signed by the President of the Network of African Christian Journalists, Dr Adebola Adewara and the Secretary, Mr Dayo Emmanuel, said secondary schools in Nigeria today have become caricatures of what they should be.
The network is therefore calling on other states to emulate the Ondo state government to revive secondary education in the state.
“The taking of schools in the 1970s has landed both the schools and governments in more significant troubles than they were meant to solve. In a world of dwindling finance and poor economy, it was a wrong move for the Federal Government under General Olusegun Obasanjo to have contemplated and enforced the takeover. 40 years after, the purpose for the takeover has not been met, the schools have dwindled almost beyond repairs, the exercise has divided the nation badly, causing religious suspicion and altercations, leaving sorrows, tears and blood in its trails in many states of Nigeria.”
“Many of these schools are now producing hooligans who beat their teachers and pass examinations through dirty means mainly because there is no adequate supervision from their owners, the Governments.
‘State governments are overburdened already. They cannot pay teachers’ salaries nor equip their schools with modern science laboratories. Most secondary schools have no sporting activities like Inter-house sports. Schools are currently at the mercy of parent/teachers’ associations and old students’ associations. Secondary school education is in suspended animation in many states of the federation. These states need to shed weight so they can live.’
‘In many schools across the country, Alumni Associations, Parents Teachers Associations and host communities now contribute to pay teachers’ salaries as well as upgrade infrastructure”.

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