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Motion for the Inclusion and Recognition of Oro Communities (Mbo, Okobo, Oron, Udung Uko and Urue Offong/Oruko) as Oil Producing Core Communities and Catchment Areas of Akwa Ibom State moved by Rt. Hon. Chief Effiong Johnson.

Mr. Speaker, Honourable ColleaguesI am compelled to bring forward this motion as a result of the present bloatedand palpable agitation among the Oro communities; Oron, Udung Uko, Mbo,Okobo and Urue Offong/Oruko Local Government Areas of Akwa Ibom State.
The agitation dates back to the commencement of oil exploration in Orocommunities many years ago with the attendant environmental degradationand health hazards which the people have suffered.Stirred by the deplorable situation of his people, Hon. Robinson Bassey Uwak, thenmember of the House of Representatives, Nigeria, presented the non-inclusion as ‘matter of urgent public importance’ in the floor of the House ofRepresentatives for prompt intervention.
The House in Plenary referred the issue to the Committee on Niger DeltaMinistry, Special Duties, Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC),Petroleum Resources (Upstream) and Environment on the ‘non-inclusion ofOro Communities of Akwa Ibom State as Oil and Gas Communitiesand Catchment Areas’ in 2012.
Mr. Speaker and Honourable Colleagues,The Committee, among other steps, visited Akwa Ibom State and consultedstakeholders, undertook assessment of the host and impacted communitiesand embarked upon facility tour of Oil Companies operating within the area.
The Committee presented a detailed report to the House at Plenary onWednesday, 16 May 2012 and the House considered the report and adoptedthe following recommendations, that:
i. the Federal Government should duly recognize the five (5) LocalGovernment Areas of Mbo, Udung Uko, Okobo, Oron, and UrueOfong/Oruko, as oil producing/catchment areas;ii. any Oil/Gas Companies operating in Oro Communities should put inplace Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Memorandum ofUnderstanding (MOU) for proper partnership with the people, andfulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility and also abide by theNigerian Local Content Laws;iii. in appointment into the Niger Delta Development Commission(NDDC) Board, Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, etc. the five LocalGovernment Areas should be considered, being oil and gasproducing/catchment areas; andiv. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) should be carried out on the5 Local Government Areas of Oro Communities.Mr. Speaker, Sir, fellow members,The above resolutions were communicated in a letterNASS/CAN/105/VOL.17/116 of 23 May 2012 from the Clerk of the NationalAssembly, and requested the Secretary to the Government of the Federationto communicate the Resolutions to Mr. President, Commander-in Chief of theArmed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for necessary action. Theletter forwarded a copy of the Votes and Proceedings of Wednesday, 16 May2012.The Secretary to the Government of the Federation in a letter SGF.15/T/693of 9 July 2012 addressed to the Clerk of the National Assembly,communicated compliance with the Resolutions and informed the House thatthe Resolutions were forwarded to His Excellency, the Executive Governor ofAkwa Ibom State, the Honourable Minister of the Niger Delta Affairs and theManaging Director of NDDC for necessary action.Mr. Speaker, respected colleagues,Attached herewith are photocopies of the two letters under reference for yourperusal and ease of reference.
Respectable Sirs,For the benefit of the doubt, I shall mention a few of the major Oil Companiesoperating in Oro Communities:i. EXXONMOBIL NIGERIA.ii. TOTAL NIGERIA;iii. ADDAX PETROLEUM – OML 123;iv. MONI PULO – OML 114;v. ORIENTAL ENERGY RESOURCES LIMITED – OML 67; 112; 115;vi. ASSOCIATED OIL AND GAS LTD – OML;vii. UNIVERSAL ENERGY RESOURCES LIMITED;viii. SEPTA ENERGY NIGERIA LIMITED;ix. AMALGAMATED OIL COMPANY NIGERIA LIMITED etc.
PRAYERSI hereby move this Honourable House to resolve as follows:1. That the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom, His Excellency, GovernorUdom Gabriel Emmanuel should give effect to the letter; SGF/15/T/693and accord recognition to Mbo, Okobo, Oron, Udung Uko and UrueOfong/Oruko (Oro Communities of Akwa Ibom State) as Oil and GasProducing Communities and Catchment Areas.2. That the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom, His Excellency, GovernorUdom Gabriel Emmanuel should set up a committee to collaborate withthe House Committee on Petroleum and House Committee onEnvironment to identify and enumerate Petroleum Hosts and ImpactedCommunities in Akwa Ibom State and present a formal report to thisHouse for necessary action to enable the communities access benefitswhich accrue to every such communities in Nigeria.3. That the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, His Excellency,Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel should order immediateEnvironmental Impact Assessment, EIA, of Petroleum Hosts andImpacted Communities and track the Development Index of thosecommunities in line with international best practice and extant laws.4. That appropriate Government Ministries, Department and Agenciesshould be empowered to closely monitor the operation of Oil Companies in the State to ensure compliance with sustainable developmentpractice, Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental governance.Mr. Speaker, Honourable Colleagues; I submit and I So Move”.
The motion was addressed and forwarded to committee on petroleum matters, environment and mineral resources for further consideration and the committee to communicate back to the house in one month

By Governor Nero Atting

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