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Medical Expert urge Journalists to maintain healthy living

By Bukola Afeni
A Medical Expert and CEO of Omotayo Dialysis Centre, Omotayo Akinremi, has called on Journalists  to engage in regular exercise and eat a balanced diet to prevent cardiovascular disease.
She  made the disclosure at a gender-based violence awareness and health sensitization program in Abuja.
The expert said there is a need for media practitioners to encourage Nigerians to take preventive measures that will prevent the spread of non-communicable diseases.
The Chief Executive Officer urged all individuals to constantly engage in regular exercises and proper tests regularly.
“We need to keep the vital organs of our body to be in good form daily. The kidney serves an important excretory role in the body and should be kept in good form.”
The Medical expert also advised the citizens to deviate from self-medication.
“The kidney usually gives notice before it finally stops functioning effectively. Some drugs should be taken in minimal dosage, but some individuals take those drugs and may end up as toxins in the body”.
“It is important to consume a good quantity of water and reduce the intake of carbonated drinks which may lead to a kidney stone in the body which is detrimental to health”.
A mental health specialist Adeoye Olusegun urged the government and stakeholders in the health sector to prioritize mental health management in Nigeria.
“We need the government to put in place a policy in terms of mental health. Often at times, attention is given to physical ailments and we tend to neglect the disease of the mind, which is mental health. Those that are having mental health issues should also be supported to come back into sound mind”.
Olusegun noted that the right policy on mental health should be implemented with the right support from the government and policymakers.
 ” The private sector cannot do it alone, we need government support as we progress in terms of mental health management.
We need government support and we cannot do it alone”.
  The  Chair Person of the National Association of Women Journalists, Mrs Annah Lawal, said all hands must be on deck to ensure that our health system is working effectively.
“We are more concerned about the health of our people. We want our people to be in good health, that is why we are working on sensitization activities to ensure that our members are in good form”.

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