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Expert says digitization will improve health care sector

Bukola Afeni
Digitization of the health sector will improve universal health coverage in Nigeria.
Some experts disclosed this at the digital health summit in Abuja.
The Director of UCLA Health California USA, Dr Toyin Lawal said there is a need to
sensitize all relevant stakeholders on the role of technology in improving the health care system in Nigeria.
She noted that technology has bridged the gap between the traditional method of managing patient information, and the improved paperless system that will integrate all details into one platform.
“In today’s world, if you have access to a smartphone, you can be in control of your health from anywhere in the world. With a 3G network, you can leverage the numerous benefits of the Healthcare system.
 Some of the packages include improved patient outcomes, quality access to care, improved follow-up, and reduction in travel time amongst many other benefits.” She added.
According to her, digitization of the health sector will aid in the sensitization of rural dwellers who have access to phones.
” Many Africans, especially those in rural areas with minimal access to digital healthcare; have lost their lives to minor illnesses due to the carelessness of the system. We will utilize a digital platform to prevent non-communicable diseases”.
The Co-Founder of Cranium Integrated Solutions Limited, Engr Kunle Adesida said the digital health platform will improve access to health care services for all Nigerians.
In the same vein, he added that administrators of hospitals should ensure that patient information is readily accessible whenever they need it.
“We have software that is very robust and secure concerning patient confidentiality. It has been designed from the scratch with inputs from clinicians, and other medical professionals from all over the world.”
The President of the Nigeria Medical Association Dr Rowland Ojinmah
called for a formidable partnership to utilize the power of technology in reforming the declining healthcare system of the country.
The NMA President who was represented by Dr Daniel Meshack urged the Federal Government to bring digital innovation into the health system.


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