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Data Analytics Group for Asiwaju (DAGFA), Unveiled in Abuja, promised to curb fake News against its candidate.

The Data Analytics Group for Asiwaju (DAGFA), has promised to curb fake news against its candidate, as it carried out its unveiling in Abuja.
The National Chairman of the group Niyi Coker, disclosed this during their official Unveiling and press conference yesterday in Abuja.
While indicating that they intend to impact the direction that the campaign council should move.
.”We intend to gather data all through the country on how the people are thinking and on what the people want to assist and influence the campaign council on their direction for the interest of the people.
“As an awareness campaign body, we intend to deliver Asiwaju/Shettima vision to all Nigerians and every corner of Nigeria as well as to every common man in the country.
We also intend to stand in between the gap of the candidate and the people”, he said.
According to Coker, the APC presidential candidate has done credibly well in terms of policy implementation, and his ability to build character and individuals.
The group National Secretary, Kolawole Sodipo, further highlighted the group’s mode of Operandi is utilizing Social Media Data Analytics SMDA, to pinpoint exactly where the APC Campaign council should focus their energy, and also condemn hate speech, fake news and unconfirmed information during the upcoming general elections.
He emphasised that SMDA would work as a defence on social media to increase APC’s chances of winning, while also providing key inside as to where and when to plan activities such as mobilisation, and sensitization In form of building support base of at least 10,000 people in each state in terms of awareness building and support base system.
Sodipo alluded  that SMDA is a breakdown of comments on relevant based interest which would cover a wide geographic areas.
“In  our objective, we identified our common interest and preferences to specific areas of people,  and that would allow the campaign council to tailor communications that can boost strategic result in a way that target electorate to produce the desired results” said Sodipo.
Furthermore, he added that SMDA, is meant  to strengthen perception image as well as reputation management of candidate, while also keeping the electorate strategically engaged so as to allow the presidential campaign to keep tracks of comments needed to strengthen the campaign based  issues that concerns the electorate.
The group secretary urged media practitioners to work with the team towards the success of Asiwaju/Shettima ticket.
Ibrahim Maidugu added that “we are here to condemn negative campaign culture while also strengthening  the vision of our candidate and highlight their strength and common goal.
” We are supporting their successors to achieve greatness which is the biggest strength of a leader who has his people at heart.
In my conclusion this is a match made in heaven and by the grace of God if they eventually emerge Nigeria Would be in  a better place.

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