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Covid 19; Ngo gives practical lecture on handwashing


As part of preventive  measures of ending  the current Coronavirus in the country, A Non-Governmental Organization, Wellbeing Foundation Africa which is a vanguard for wash program in Nigeria has carried out a public sensitization program.

The group sensitized the usefulness and importance of water sanitation and hygiene as well as the adequate and right form of washing the hands to prevent contamination and infection. The Well being Foundation carried out the sensitization program   at the Divine Jubilation College of Health Technology in Nassarawa State.

The Team led by Dr Otun Adewale, emphasized the importance of water sanitation and hygiene,

He said hand washing is the first line of defense a person has against contamination.

“Apart from Corona virus, one thing which the Center for Disease Control recommended  as a preventive measure for every disease  is hand washing. The team believes that having a good knowledge of proper hand-washing can help people in preventing the spread of infection.”

In his words; “Apart from corona virus, there is Lassa fever which is still killing people every day in Nigeria, and one thing which is recommended by the Center for Disease Control is hand washing. We  believe strongly that having a good knowledge of proper hand washing can help people in preventing further spread of infections.”

“The lecture is to actually equip people to know that even after touching a surface, they are supposed to wash their hands as frequent as possible, and in cases where hand washing cannot be done, they can make use of hand sanitizer”.

Dr Otun went further to practically demonstrate the hand washing procedure with seven steps in all.

“The major materials needed is running water, tissue paper or handkerchief and soap.  People need to properly wash the hand from the fingertip to the hand wrist.”

He stressed that a tissue paper or a handkerchief is needed to close the water tap so as to prevent contact with the tap handle, as it had been formerly opened with an unwashed contaminated hand.

Meanwhile the founder of the college Mrs Kemi Ishola and the college provost Dr Ogedengbe expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the organization for choosing their institution as the sensitization ground. They  went further to say the college staff and students in general, will in turn take to the community streets to preach the hand wash news to others.


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