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COVID-19 test can be done at a faster and cheaper rate- Research firm

Bukola Afeni

A research organization said it has come up with a device that will enable Nigerians to undergo COVID-19 test at a cheaper and faster rate.

The Chief Executive Officer of Bundi International Diagnostics Limited, Bob Udeagha stated this at a press briefing in Abuja.

According to him, there is need for the Federal and state Government to associate with the new technology.

He said the COVID-19 antigen detection rapid test is very effective for testing COVID-19 virus.

“Many Nigerians are soon going to benefit from the research and partnership with another American that has produced locally manufactured COVID-19 antigen detection rapid test. We have seen and experienced the financial burden placed on many Nigerians especially those travelling outside of the country and those returning home due to the high cost of taking COVID-19 test which is available in many parts of the world free of charge.”

“In developed countries, the citizens do not have to pay before they access the test kits.COVID-19 test is meant to be free, but people pay a large amount of money before they can be tested. We want health regulatory bodies to take a closer look at our products”.

Speaking further, he added that there is a patented photo catalytic oxidation technology that will assist Nigerians purify and deliver good quality air in all indoor spaces.

“The Bundiactive air purifier with PCO technology works on the principle of creating protective molecules that actively combine airborne and surface pathogens. The molecules are created continuously to fill indoor spaces where they seek out and destroy any pathogen that enters including the virus that causes COVID-19. It does not wait for the pathogen to come to the people; it goes after the molecule and neutralizes it”.

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