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Check Your Name On INEC Voter’s Register, Pick-up Center Using Phone

With your mobile phone, you can now confirm if your name is on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) voters’ register. The 2015 general election is close and if you are really serious about carrying out your civic right of voting, you should go and get your Permanent Voter Card (PVC).

There have been cases of people who have presented themselves for PVCs at INEC Nigeria registration/pick-up centres but did not see their names on the voters register. You don’t to go through such stressful and time-wasting ordeal. You can easily check if your name is on the register before setting out to go and pick up your PVC.

How to check if your name is on INEC Voters Register

The way to check if you are on the Register of Voters is simply to send an SMS to dedicated lines with the following information:

  • State of registration,
  • Surname,
  • Last five or six digits of the VIN (i.e., Voter Identification Number) on Temporary Voter Card

As an example: Lagos, Ogundimu, 06782: please ensure the coma in-between) and send to 08171646879.

Alternatively, you can also send the short message with INEC (e.g.: INEC, Lagos, Salama, 06782) and send to 20120.

I sent it without the commas though, and I still got the response from the system. The instant response gave me my full profile on the Register and the polling unit number where I registered.

So where can I still pick up my PVC?

Yes! If a person is on the Register and has not been able to obtain his / her PVC, he / she should go to the relevant local government office of INEC where distribution of the cards will continue daily till the end of January 2015.

Share this message with your friends on Social Media to make more people know about this. We all have the right to vote. Thank you!

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