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Author urge Nigerians to believe in their dream

Bukola Afeni
Nigerians have been advised to believe in their dreams and not give up on life no matter the challenges they are passing through in life.
The author  of the  book, ” Out of the depths” Mrs Funmi Oyefusi, made the disclosure at the launching of her book in Abuja.
The author said she decided to write the book in order to encourage people.
“My inspiration is God, and I was with my strong support and pillar. I also had inspiration to be a blessing to the lives of young women, young ones including men, women, boy and girls, because I feel that my story could encourage somebody.”
She urged anyone going through one challenge or the other to pick themselves up and move on in life.
” As for me, I felt there was more to life, I should accept what life throws at me as a challenge because I see whatever life throws at me as a challenge, and I picked it up, and decided to put it on the pages of the book and let it be a blessing to many generations.”
” I  expect the book to encourage people during marriage and after marriage while they are going through life journey.
 The book is not all about marriage but also for preparing for marriage and also how to build yourself up in terms of career  and break the gas-ceiling out there.”
She said the book will also reach out to both single and married.
The author also noted that gender and culture should not be an impediment to
any individual’s success.
The Country Director, ActionAid Nigeria, Ene Obi, said the book is an inspiration for individuals passing through diverse  challenges in life.
“The book  gives a lot of hope for people, that when you are faced with problems you should not take an easy way out because problems are part of life.
Your resilience and also your energy makes you unique,  and knowing that God is always there for you.
It  shows the practicability of what people go through in life. We are proud that a staff can come up with a book of this calibre”.
She commended Funmi Oyefusi for being a thorough professional.
 “She has been a  good student, and we encourage ActionAiders to be student, and a lot of people have gone through  capacity building. We even deliberately put money for capacity building each year.
You  are either  a member of a professional body, or  you encourage yourself to build yourself. In a year you have to utilize your capacity building money, or we turn it to the pool.”
Toun Okenwale Sonaiya, Chief Executive Officer, Women Radio 91.7 FM, said the book also reached out to those in God’s  waiting room.
 “It  is a book  every woman, girl and man should read. It is a book of life lesson; you learn about waiting, whether you are waiting for  a child, job, husband, career, miracle,  and healing .
What to  do while you are waiting, and also about your instincts, that when you feel somehow about something, do not despise or ignore your instincts.”
She also commended the author for writing the book in simple language.
“For me it is a good trait that I look for in a writer. You have to write in such a way that people can understand and pick up a lesson, and that is what the book  did to me in page 91, when I read it, she was speaking to me like a conversation, I will normally have with my own daughter.
 She was  really  down to earth, she didn’t paint any kind of picture that  will  make you think otherwise”.
She was able to break the silence of culture in that book, and each chapter talked about an experience that every woman must have felt at some point, or gone through at some point in time in her life.

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