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ActionAid Nigeria,Scrap C calls for reduction in Poverty

Action Aid as part of its   engagement towards eradicating poverty and corruption in the country, organised a community outreach and unveiling of mural in Otumaro community in Lagos Mainland West Local Government.

Speaking at the event, the Action Aid Country Director, Ene Obi, who was represented by the Scrapp C Project Manager, Mr Newton Otsemaye called on the leadership in the country to reduce the rate of poverty.

According to him, there is no reasonable reason for any citizen of the country to live in poverty, if only the resources are well distributed, both at the state and national level.

He highlighted that the definition of poverty is when the citizen do not have access to the basic necessities and infrastructure in life.

“Our definition of poverty is different, we describe poverty based on Exclusion. We believe that poverty is manmade, when corruption is wide, the down trodden is left with the backlash of corruption.”

Newton explained that the organization interacted with the people of the community within a particular time frame, so as to bring about positive development into their midst.

“We saw the reality under which the resident of the community operate. We are here to amplify the voice of the community. This kind of dialogue is to ameliorate the pain of the people, and seek better ways of changing the narrative”.

Speaking at the outreach, the Coordinator of Journalist Against Poverty, Mr Wale Elekulosi said the group is passionate about bringing the issues of the downtrodden in the society into limelight.

He added that Corruption is a big challenge in the country, and charged all Nigerians to work together in eliminating the menace in the society.

Elekolusi further added   that JAP has utilized its  medium in reporting several investigative and corruption  related cases in Nigeria.

The Coordinator also charged its team members not to relent in beaming its light on the less privileged in the society.

“We are passionate about bringing people out of poverty. We are working in conjunction with Action Aid Nigeria, and Scrap C project. We always bring people in the know about corruption related issues in the country.” He emphasized that JAP will continue to bring about meaningful change in the country through developmental journalism.

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