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By Salihu Dantata Mahmud.

Politics they say is a game of luck little wonder, His excellency  Alhaji Ibrahim Zakari Talba has chosen to contest alongside the likes of Radda of APC and DanMarke of PDP.
The Social Democratic Party being the third largest party in the country is one political party that has over time demonstrated commitment and capability to wrestle power from both the APC and PDP at both the states and federal level.
“One major factor militating against Development in Katsina State today is insecurity as bandits have taken over virtually all the towns in the state. This make the Talba initiative for securing lives timely. Looking at the point agendas ,one would see that all has been captured for the betterment of the state. After security, sustainable livelihood, accelerating infrastructure transformation,attracting foreign investment, developing human capital, decentralised governance ,education and harnessing ICT for financial development and financial inclusion.
“It takes only a foresighted and result oriented leader to set such noble goals. There is no doubt that when security is achieved in Katsina state, the next is better living for the people who have suffered under armed banditry and insurgency followed by infrastructura facelift and foreign direct investment.
It now lies onthe electorates in all the wards, local governments and even the state capital to make a choice of Ibrahim Zakari Talba for a better Katsina. The traffic in parties like the APC and PDP has made some of their priorities Tobe misplaced simply because people believe in them. Political representation has to do with conduct, interest of the people and developmental strides through delivery of democracy dividends and not mediocrity. The good people of Katsina state must shine their eyes and rise up to the challenge of choosing the right candidate for a better future and Zakari Ibrahim Talba with his rich agenda has shown reasons to be reckoned with.

2023 is in the corner, PVCs  collected must not be wasted. It is not the size of a political party that matters but what good plans such party has and as expressed earlier, the  SDP has what it takes to deliver to the good people of Katsina state. His excellency Talba Ibrahim Zakari is a tested and trusted personality that deserves the vote of Katsina people.

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