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Veterinary firm develop digital care platform to care for animals

The  Founder of the Al Veterinarian Nigeria Dr Moshen Tavakoli, said his organisation has developed a digital care platform to be utilised by professional veterinary doctors to care for farm animals that are owned by farmers.
He made this statement during the launching of the Al Digital Veterinary platform.
Tavakoli indicated that in Nigeria a digital box has been developed for clients to upload money into the platform, for the veterans to get the financial support needed for the process.
“There is a need to invent  innovative services through the artificial intelligence engine which would provide  health solutions to animals through the instructions of the vet professional.”
He further explained that the organization is in search of partners and volunteers that are not professionals.
“We require financial support to bring possible solutions and also build the organization portfolio. We are also diversifying into the area of fish care management. We want to bring an innovative solution into the veterinary sector. We are bringing innovation to potential customers.”
In the same vein, he added that the body is collating data and syndicating it to other countries to bring about great development at the global level.

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