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UN and private sector embarks on innovation in agriculture sector

Bukola Afeni

As part of effort of bringing innovation into the agriculture sector ,The United nations and the private sector have come up with the” Food African project ,which is meant to train farmers in Kaduna state.
The project will empower 4,000 farmers ,both male and female ,over a period of three years.
The United Nations Humanitarian coordinator ,Edwin Kallon made the disclosure while briefing journalist in Abuja .
He said the new project is advocating for food security ,and inclusive agriculture at the same time .
Speaking further ,he noted that the programme will boost agricultural development in the country .
“Nigeria is currently facing scarcity of food ,increase in food prices ,insecurity and conflict issues ,especially those in the rural community “he noted
According to Mr Kallon ,the new project will bring about innovation in the agriculture sector .
“To feed the expanded population ,much effort and innovation is needed that will require longer time services and social innovation”
The resident coordinator described the implementing partners ,The Roca Brothers “as a passionate advocate for nutritious food ,that is locally grown and produced in an environmentally friendly way ,using traditional ingredients and practices ,and ensuring that everyone have access to healthy food.
“In their role role as goodwill ambassador ,they have been advocating for food security ,better nutrition ,and sustainable inclusive development “he added.
“The advocacy work in social media campaign on sustainable cooking ,to well received opinion pieces on the role of food production and consumption in the achievements of SDGs,and tackling climate change .’

In his speech ,Mr Joseph Roca noted that his firm is concerned with sustainable healthy eating around the world ,hence the need to bring the innovation to Nigeria .
“We want to ensure that more people around the world have access to healthy food”
“We are looking for ways of improving culinary skills in Nigeria through healthy eating”
The culinary expert also expressed his desire at ensuring the sustainable development goal is achieved in the country .
“We will leverage our influence in the food industry to ensure hunger ,poverty ,inequality ,and climatic issues become a thing of the past ”
“We have a beautiful land and enthusiastic farmers,we will be willing to share the knowledge in promoting the different techniques in the agricultural sector ”
The executive director of Sahara group ,Mr Tonye Cole noted that the food Africa project encompasses the different SDG,such as agriculture ,education,and SDG 17 which is collaboration and working together .
Speaking further he said the program will help reduce the rate of unemployment and increase wealth creation .
“It is strategic at this point in time in the country where there is unrest and conflict ”
“People who are jobless are easy tools for creating problems in the society ”
The Sahara group boss also disclosed that the model of the project will be replicated in different states of the country ,and in the rest of the continent .
He further commend the Kaduna state government ,which have been supportive in the execution of the project .

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