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TETFUND mandates Colleges of Education to maintain high standard

The  Executive Secretary of TETFUND, Dr Abdullahi Baffa has advised Colleges of Education in Nigeria to work towards attaining high academic standard , rather than clamouring for upgrading into a University.
The Executive Secretary, Tertiary Education Trust Fund stated this while receiving Fellowship award from Adeyemi College of Education.
He explained that while some colleges of education in Nigeria can measure up to some universities. Becoming a degree or higher degree awarding institutions goes beyond policy announcement.
“TETFund has sponsored over 150 lecturers of Adeyemi College of Education for their Doctorate Degrees within and outside Nigeria” Dr. Baffa advised Colleges of Education as well as Polytechnics in the country, desirous of upgrading to degree awarding institutions to be ready to work hard and earn the licence .
According to him, Adeyemi College of Education is at per with many universities in Nigeria.
“We are the ones spending the money, we know the number of scholars and lecturers that we have sponsored in the college to pursue higher degrees. We know the number of lecturers we have sponsored for Masters Degrees, for Ph.D at home and abroad in the institution”

While speaking on the move by managers of the College to make it a University of Education, “the TETFUND  boss noted that it a dream that may be achieved in the future when the right steps are taken”
“The transition of Adeyemi College of Education to a university, as controversial as it is, is something that will have to be achieved in future. Simply put, we have to establish a system that would allow institutions to maintain its identities while at the same time having the licence or the charter to operate as a university”
“Columbia Teachers College is an Ivy League University, awarding Masters and Doctorate degrees but it is called Columbia Teachers College. Nobody said you must change Columbia Teachers College to Columbia University of Education.
“The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is called Institute of Technology. It is an Ivy League University, it is doing Ph.D, Maters Degree and all degrees, nobody changed its name but it has the licence and charter to run as a university without changing its name.
“So nobody said Adeyemi College of Education must change its name, it is not in the name, it is in the composition, it is in the mix, and it is in the infrastructure, processes, quality and standard.
He further urged the management of the school to ask pertinent questions before making demands.

” How do you upgrade your curriculum to be able to reach that standard for awarding degree? All these conditions were made before these polytechnics and colleges.
“Special funding was also introduced to assist them to meet the standard of infrastructure requirement, to meet the teacher training requirement, if you like capacity building requirement, to meet the curriculum conversion requirement, special funding was introduced and they were given 10yrs for this,  9yrs into the programme, the first polytechnic qualified to be converted into a university in 1990 because they started in 1981. In 1991 over 20 also met the requirements and they were converted”

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