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Regular exercise enhances healthy living – Dr Ebunoluwa Ibibo

Nigerians from all walks of life have been advised to always engage in regular exercise, as it will promote healthy living, and prevent underlying health issues.

Communication coach, Dr Ebunoluwa Ibibo, made the disclosure at a book launch to commemorate her 50th  birthday anniversary celebration in Abuja.

She added that her passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle spurred her to write the book.

” The book is meant to encourage Nigerians that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not costly. You can be in the comfort of your home, and walk for several minutes, you do not have to visit a gym centre.
There was a period I had health challenge in my life , and I had difficulty with my weight and other health issues.
Ever since I started exercise, my health got better, am no longer on routine drugs, i feel much better, and am much refreshed.”

In the same vein, she advised Nigerians who are of middle age, to always ensure they eat balanced diet.

” I want them to stop practising sedentary living, to stop being couch potatoes, it is no longer trendy to sit in front of TV and be eating snacks all the time.
You are killing yourself by obstructing the heart. It usually has  a lifelong effect on the body. It is only exercise that can rejuvenate the body. I want you all to embrace exercise and fitness. You do not have to go to gym before you work out. Walking is also a good form of exercise”.

“I have witnessed tremendous change in my health through constant exercise, and am very happy. It has been proven scientifically that as we grow in age, the organ of the body too start decaying, and we must take constant care to nourish the organs of our body through constant exercise.”

The author’s Fitness trainer, Coach Tina, said the celebrant  has been consistent in the fitness world for a while, and has been an inspiration to many young Nigerians.

She added that most Nigerians do not understand the benefit of exercise, and enjoined them to explore the different method available.

“When you exercise regularly, it reduces weight gain, and increase energy level for those who have diabetes and other underlying issues.
It helps to reduce the rate of hypertension, due to the economic situation, many Nigerians are passing through difficult period. It also makes the skin to be smooth and radiant.”

Pastor Tunde Ajileye, Assistant Pastor RCCG, who coordinated the launching of the book, urged all Nigerians to practice fitness and good dieting.

” It is essential for everyone to engage in regular exercise. As we are growing old, our body metabolism is changing and winding down. Constant exercise make us to be in good form. You will not have to worry about ageing”.

Dr Ibibo is the author of Fitness Toppers( who does fitness help), and 50 golden nuggets.

The event was well attended by individual from different walk of life who commended the author for being a good mentor, and source of inspiration to others around her.

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