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Rape is a crime against humanity -Says Global right


Bukola Afeni
As part of measures to allow victims of sexual violence report crimes anonymously ,or take action on behalf of the victims who has been violated ,the Global Rights Nigeria has launched “the whistle app “where victims of violence can report cases without fear of being ashamed .
While speaking ,the country director of global rights ,Abiodun Bayeiwu Teru said rape is a crime against humanity . She also condemned the increase in rape activity in the country .
She disclosed that the initiative will fish out all perpetrators of sexual violence in the country .
“As you may know, sexual violence has been on the increase ,it’s one of the worst form of violence experienced by every Nigerian,one out of ten Nigerians have experienced sexual violence in their life time .
One out four women in Nigeria,have experienced all forms of violence before they turn 18”
According to her ,the reason why sexual violence have increased is due to the level of impunity in the country ,lots of people do not report the cases ,because they are afraid nothing will be done, and they will be stigmatized by the members of their family and the society .
“Rape is a crime “provides a platform for guide ,for those who have been violated ,and also a resource portal for anonymous reportage of sexual violence activity ”
“It create a platform where Nigerians can blow the whistle ,and also anonymously report sexual violence by getting the needed help and support ”
“In Abuja ,under the vamp act ,the minimum you can get for this offence is 14 years ,or life Imprisonment ,
“If people know they will get away with the criminal act ,they will continue to commit the act without putting an end to it ”
According to the country director of Global right,we should stop blaming the victims of rape ,but rather blow the whistle against the perpetrators ,so that justice can be attained .
“When the federal government came up with the whistle blowing project ,some corrupt Nigerians were discovered .
In the same vein,we should blow the whistle of rape in the society ,and expose the evil doers.
“Rape is not just a women’s problem ,it is rather a people’s problem,so we should collectively respond to the clarion call,by being the agent of change in the society ”
It is one the gruel crimes against humanity ,which can break the body or soul of the victim .
We cannot build a nation of hero and heroines ,when our hopes and aspirations have been stolen ”
A Nigerian actor ,Kanayo Kanayo called on Nigerian student to put an end to sexual violence in all Universities in the country,by reporting every case of rape .
He disclosed that sex without consent humiliate the person from all psychological and emotional level
“Most cases the victim feel sad about life ,which often leads to withdrawal ,anxiety, depression ,loneliness and suicidal thoughts .
“It makes the individual to lose his/her self confidence ,and develop low self esteem ”
The actor also urged Nigerians to stop victimizing and looking down on people who have been raped .He is also seeking for an end to the culture of silence .
“Rape is a very great sexual violence,and a great challenge happening in Nigeria ,and their has been an increase in reported case,the momentum has increased ,and we are capitalizing on this opportunity to call on Nigerians to come out and further report rape cases .
The representative of,Mathew Mahmoud disclosed that whistle blowing is an essential exercise that will curb sexual violence in the country .
“We are seeking for opportunity through this project for people to report such cases anonymously and also encourage their friends and family to do the same .
“At the University of Abuja ,we are challenging the landscape of sexual violence in Nigeria,by changing the narrative ,and encouraging the youth to speak up ,when they experience rape .
“We are first starting with the University of Abuja and University of Lagos as the prototype ,as times goes on and we experience a trend in the change of behavior ,we will take the programme to other higher institutions of learning in the country .
“We are encouraging rape victims to go the website address and relate with professionals who can help them come out of the episode better and transformed .
We will give the necessity resources ,and help with the treatment ,and also report with the the hotline numbers ”


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