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Pastor Tunde Bakare Says Anointing Oil Is Mere Mosquito Repellent


He said Ever controversial and not afraid of saying his mind, General Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has kicked up another controversy when he compared the Christian Anointing Oil to a mere mosquito repellent, saying that the Jewish people actually used the oil to ward off insects.

Pastor Bakare, who was the running mate to General Muhammadu Buhari, on the platform of the Congress for Progressive, in the 2011 presidential candidate, says though he does not frown against the use of anointing oil by men of God, its use has been turned into a panacea for curing all forms of ailments.

In case you do not know, most pastors in Nigeria claim that the anointing oil can cure any form of sickness and some go as far as selling same for huge amounts of money to their gullible members.

See what the fiery Pastor Bakare said about the oil:

I am not against Anointing Oil. The thing is, its a Jewish culture.

They rub it on their bodies as protection against insects, like your mosquito repellents.

It was used extensively in the old testament for Anointing, but it is the power of God that heals, not the oil!

Do you agree with Pastor Bakare?

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  1. Bakare is obviously blind and insane spiritually. One can now well understand why ‘Pastor’ Bakare is so warped with confusion in life. He is obviously a fake and myopic pastor cum politician. Nigerians should be wary and watchful of this wolf in sheep clothing.

    • This guy is enraged and offended by the facts pastor Bakare put forward. He must be one of the 419 pastor who deliberately hype the efficacy of olive oil “anointing oil” to deceive and reap off unsuspecting gullible christian. Pastor Bakare is right in every sense.

  2. Papa you are right I agree with your comment.

  3. You are very correct sir…indeed It is the Power of God that heals…and it is also the power of God that is deposited in Nature itself.
    There’s Spiritual Power/Significance in the life of every child of God as there are natural deposits in everything created by him to will and to do that which they are all made for.
    It doesn’t matter if it is Water,Salt,Sand,Groundnut oil etc truth is that”God has already established a uniqueness or Unique Substance in them and knows what they can be used for and also inspire man to put them to Use.

    Anointing oil,which is Olive oil is good and it is not just repellent of mosquito,it is very medicinal…yet you Should know that it is gotten from a tree that isn’t Man-Made but God’s made and he has deposited whatever importance or properties he wanted in it…Which he must have also Opened man’s eyes to see(Revealed to Man).
    There are things that are perfect for Some things…That even when other things can serve,they just can’t take totality of the place of that which is Specifically made for the total satisfaction of that need or Office.
    Just like Coke or any other drink cannot take the place of Water,even if water can be used for many things;Bathing,Washing,Flushing,Growing of plants etc its most important place is in quenching of taste(Drinking),which it does more than any Soft or Fruits juice in the World.
    That is to say”All that Olive is found to cure or treat,was as a result of that which was deposited in it by God not man…it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t acknowledge the importance of it being Widely Called Anointing oil,Which is its Spiritual Significance/benefit…As it has already been chosen from the beginning.

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