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Pastor Abiara call on all Nigerians to end Tribalism

Bukola Afeni

A notable clergyman, and the Founder of CAC Agbala Itura, Pastor S. K Abiara has called on all Nigerians to shun all form of tribalism and incessant fighting that hinders national development.

He made the disclosure while briefing Journalist in Abuja.
According to him, tribalism and nepotism cannot move the country forward.
“If we want progress in the country, we must rule out every form of tribalism at all times.Tribalism, antagonism, and fighting hinders the unity of the country.
According to the clergy men, as Christians we must be show the love of God to all unbelievers.
“We need to come together in order to change the narrative in our society. As Christians we need to show love to both Christians and unbelievers.
It is high time for us to come nearer to God, then he will have mercy on us, and heal our land.”
“We need to listen to the voice of God, and always practice a life of obedience.
I will want all Nigerians to always do the right thing, and put God at the core of our activities.”
He also called on all religious leaders to live in unity and harmony and always follow biblical instruction.
“I want you all to love each other in order to bring peace and harmony into the society.
The religious leaders also need to follow the injunctions of the bible. The bible said we must love each other. If we follow all this rules and regulation, the world will be a better place”.
He further called on all Nigerians to repent from their evil ways and draw closer to God.
In the same vein, he charged the authority to place high value on the education of children in Nigeria.
“The government need to listen to the stakeholders in the education sector. The lecturers, teachers and student, all need to come together with one voice and put an end to acrimony in the sector. There should be an end to incessant strike in the country”.

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