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NLC throws caution on signing the African continental free trade agreement

The leadership of the Nigerian Labour congress has raised alarm over a renewed ,
extremely dangerous and radioactive neo-liberal policy initiative being driven by the Ministry of Trade and Investment that seeks to open the seaports, airports and other businesses to unbridled foreign interference which we have not witnessed before in the history of the country.
This policy initiative, for instance, will make it possible for a foreign airline to directly do local scheduled flights without employing Nigerians.
The president of NLC ,Comrade Ayubba Wabba gave this hint in a statement signed by the Labour Union .
According to him,due to the sensitivity of the policy or its possible fall-outs on the economy, those driving the policy were directed to consult the Nigerian local business community and organised labour,but they didn’t consult the organized labour or relevant business community .
“The drivers of this policy initiative, without consulting the relevant stake holders for possible impact assessment, have perfected a document for the signature of President Muhammadu Buhari at Kigali on the 21 of March”
“We at the Nigeria Labour Congress are shocked by the sheer impunity or blatant lack of consultation in the process that has led to this.We are more worried by the probable outcome of this policy initiative if it is given life because of its crippling effect on the local businesses and attendant effects on jobs”
The Labour Union therefore urge the president not to sign the agreement either in Kigali or anywhere .
“We find it confounding that at a time nations, including the United States are resorting to protectionism in defence of their local businesses and protection of jobs, we have the audacity to want to fling open our doors, windows and roof tops”
“We have no doubt this policy initiative will spell the death knell of the Nigerian economy.
Accordingly, we urge Mr. President not to sign this agreement either in Kigali or anywhere.
“We believe our national interest is at stake and nothing should be done to compromise this.
The African Continental Free Trade Agreement rather than unite Africa, will only divide it the more; rather than enrich Africa will only pauperise it the more.
Those pulling the strings of this radioactive agreement are somewhere, well concealed and protected in the metropoles of the world. They have had this all thought-out and profits computed well ahead”
“The faces we see driving this process in Nigeria, Africa, are mere puppets on a string, the familiar messengers, eager to do the biddings of their Masters for percentage cuts.
The tragedy of it all, however, is that they always leave the people to carry the burden, the burden that comes with hunger, poverty, disease, debt over hang, social strife and wars and more dependency”
He further disclosed that even though we have need of foreign investment, but in our view, such investment should not be a poisoned chalice.


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