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NIPOST sign MOU on digitalization of postcode with NPC

Bukola Afeni
The Nigeria Postal Service has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to create awareness of the digitalization of the Nigerian Postcode by NIPOST in collaboration with the National Population Commission.
The Postmaster General, Dr Adebayo Adewusi stated this while briefing Journalists in Abuja.
The Nigerian Postal Service has also expressed its commitment to operating a full-fledged Postcode system that will solve most of the National Addressing needs of the country.
He said NIPOST is working in collaboration with National Population Commission to ensure a seamless roll-out of a digitised Postcode for Nigeria and to the benefit of the citizens.
” NIPOST introduced a Postcode system in 1986 as part of efforts to enhance mail collection, processing, distribution and delivery, the present effort is aimed at transitioning the system to a digital platform to create more efficiency and functionality. “
The Postmaster General said the postcode system remains a critical national infrastructure, especially in a developing country like ours where the lack of street names and property numbering hinders the ability to meet public and business expectations.
“We embarked on the process of enhancing the Postcode, leveraging technology. We drew up entities in a manner that ensures every part of the country is effectively captured, using a systematic framework of alphanumeric characters from the State, Local Government Areas, Postcode Districts, Postcode Areas and Postcode Units.”
Speaking at the event, the Chairman National Population Commission Hon Isa Kwarra disclosed that the country lacks a proper addressing system and the country loses out on its economic, social and many other salient advantages considering its population.
“This gap has to be bridged by creating the needed state of the art delivery services to the general public within the country, as such the importance of this project cannot be overemphasized.”
He said the National Population Commission has deployed resources in partnering with Nigeria Postal Service to digitally drive the task of creating a workable world standard addressing system that will line up with other globally competitive players in the delivery of mails, EMS, allied services and more importantly a standard addressing system.
The  Director of Planning and Business Development at NIPOST, Dr Thomas Ali Gaga said the collaboration between Nigeria Postal Services (NIPOST) and National Population Commission will go a long way in improving the Nigeria Postcode system for the proper addressing project.

He added that the  National Population Commission has created different opportunities to ensure that the data of the country is captured.

“The postcode performs a significant impact in tracing major landmarks, taking into cognizance national boundaries.”
In the same vein, he said the Nigeria postcode is identified globally.
He added that the postcode has been reviewed, which will now be in alphanumeric form.
 The new postcode is in hybrid form, which is a combination of numeric and alphabet.

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