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My team members are capable- Buhari

Grace Okon
President Muhammadu Buhari has affirmed that a significant number of ministers who have resigned to pursue their political ambitions have been properly equipped to aspire for higher elective offices including the office of the President.
He made this affirmation while pledging to fill the vacuum left quickly and also bade farewell to the outgoing members of the Federal Executive Council.
The President indicated that “he does not doubt that if the next president emerges from this cabinet like any other aspirant, he is certain of ample competence and outstanding delivery of service and that it would be part of our legacies to Nigerians”.
He further commended the departed public officers for serving the nations artificially with dignity and honour,  and for complying with his directives.
He appreciated their courage to contest for elective offices and also thank them for their invaluable services to the nation of Nigeria through their contributions.
The President recalled how in the past as the head of the team over the years, he has fond memories of incisive and robust discussions during cabinet meetings, and rendering performance reports during special sessions and presidential retreats.
“While recalling the journey together with the cabinet right from when he was elected in 2015, and his re-election in 2019, which he said served as a referendum on the performance during his first term which inspired him to bring back some of the ministers, either to the same ministry or reassigned to another sector.
 ” We brought on the board new members  to inject fresh energies, skills, and ideas to enhance the execution of government programmes and policies.’
” I am happy to note that a significant number of cabinet members has become sufficiently equipped to aspire to higher elective office including the office of the President, which shows the impact of experience gathered while serving as members of the FEC,” Buhari said.
The Outgoing minister of Niger Delta, Akpabio described working with the president as a “fantastic and knowledgeable experience”, adding that they would continue to be Buhari’s disciples as they step aside.
He further explained that Buhari is the best President Nigeria could ever have at that time of difficult circumstances, while also praying to God Almighty to grant the president a successful tenure and protection for his family”.
He furthermore, added that may one of us succeed you to continue the good legacies you have laid on the ground, as we have seen and are aware of your vision and where you want the country to be in the future”, said Akpabio.

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