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Merck Foundation urge media to enlighten the public about infertility


Bukola Afeni

Merck Foundation has emphasized the need for media to enlighten the public about infertility issues.

While also urging them not to put across information that will shift the issue of infertility on women alone.

Senator Rasha Kelej, the Chief Executive Officer of Merck Foundation, made the disclosure at the Merck Foundation Health Media training.

She encouraged media practitioners to always pass information that will reduce the stress of those trying to conceive.

” It is very important not to place the whole blame on women alone. Couples should ensure they go for medical examination to ascertain what is wrong in terms of infertility. There is no relationship between sexual ability and infertility.
Men should also learn to support women and not put the whole blame of infertility on women”.

Speaking further, Senator Kelej, said the Foundation is utilizing social media to inform the public about infertility, and the need to reduce stigma, especially among the women folk.

” We have trained different people  on our  social media page about the causes of infertility and how to access treatment.
We need to break every stigma regarding infertility. We also want to engage in new innovation that will sustain and support women in giving birth without delay”.

Speaking at the event, Dr Edem Hiadzi, President Fertility Society of Ghana, urged media practitioners to be conversant with relevant terms, issues, and situations that women with infertility cases usually experience.
“The media need to be well versed in the issue of infertility, so as to pass the right information to the public.
This is very critical, and they should know that infertility can happen to both male and female.”

According to him, there are so many underlying issues regarding infertility, and each had to be dealt with appropriately without wrong prescription.

“Infertility is not a stigma, and women should not be marginalised in the society.
In some instances, sexually transmitted diseases, may be the reason for infertility.
It is usually advisable that both male and female should practice safe sex while trying to conceive, and also consume food that is rich in balanced diet.
Tobacco smoking has multiple negative effect on both male and female folk reproductive issues”.

In addition, he disclosed that when partners are trying to conceive they should practice healthy living.


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  1. Simon Pesambili

    Am health personnel, I advice you to transmit this knowledge widely to health workers in order to help our societies about stima infertility

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