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Medical expert urge Nigerians to consume healthy food to prevent heart diseases

Bukola Afeni
The President of Nigerian Cardiac Society Dr Okechukwu Ogah, has advised Nigerians to consume healthy food and stop consuming diets high in cholesterol which may lead to heart diseases.
He stated this while speaking with Journalists at the opening ceremony of the Nigeria Cardiac Society Conference on Cardio Vascular Disease and Prevention.
The cardiologist noted that heart is an essential organ of the body that must be properly taken care of, and must be protected   from risk factors that may lead to heart diseases.
According to the President, every individual should consume fruits and vegetables constantly, prevent smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption.
“High blood pressure  is common in our environment such that when you bring a sixty year old Nigerian together and measure their blood pressure, 6 out of 10 will actually have a high blood pressure,” he said.
Dr Okechukwu said High blood pressure is a big problem in Nigeria society, adding that  there are cases of  excess urination, losing weight and all other health issues.
He said people should visit the  hospital and doctor should check individual and their blood sugar respectively.
 “Some of this diseases when diagnosed, it doesn’t mean you are going to die , when you control what you are supposed to control, and take the drug you are supposed to take, the life expectancy will improve”, Ogah noted.
Speaking futher, the President said,  that are so many issues that can lead to sudden death and  heart diseases.
” Chloronerary artery disease may occur when the chloronery artery is blocked, and this usually occurs when there is excess cholesterol, and there is no blood supply to the heart, the person will die. If the sugar level is high, it doesn’t mean the person will die”, the cardiologist said.
Prof. Karen Sliwa from University of Cape Town, South Africa, disclosed that prevention of cardiac disease is far better than treating the ailment.
” It is essential to practice good habits such as healthy sleeping,consumption of fruits and vegetables, engaging in physical activities, avoidance of  sugary beverages and processed foods.Being overweight push up the blood pressure and can lead to different diseases such as stroke, weakness of arms, legs and others.
“There are other diseases such as swollen legs, joint pain, knee pain, high chance of sugar diseases that is associated with excessive weight.
When you are younger you will not feel the consequences but when you are about 30,or  40 years, different complications of being overweight will lead to diseases”, she added.

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