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I remain an activist and campaigner for good governance- CODE Founder


By Hamzat Lawal

I received the invitation to join the new National Consultative Front (NCF) with mixed feelings. Without a doubt, I was excited that a platform to accommodate young people and professional citizens in mainstream political space has finally emerged.

Yet, with my experience as a young patriot who has traversed the length and breadth of our great country building partnerships for change, I am afraid that the current NCF approach does not align with my conviction of what ignites the right spirit and buy-in required for the multi-interest revolution we all dream about as the vehicle to birth a new Nigeria.

Therefore, I choose to remain in my turf and continue the struggle in my own little way. Right from childhood, I have always wanted to add value to my environment. In founding Connected Development (CODE), and innovating Follow The Money (FTM), I now feel a sense of being in the zone of my life’s work.

I am a born development worker. Activism is what I do and I would rather stick to familiar ground.

I, however, still have a dream for national revival. Despite the dark clouds hovering over my beloved country’s socio-political horizon, I have a dream that one day, reliable young people with no axe to grind and few loads to haul, shall take over the helms of leadership–Young minds with impeccable credibility and hearts burning with zeal for Nigeria.

This future cannot emerge from a vacuum. Some of us have to lay the non-toxic framework on which today’s youth becomes tomorrow’s leader. At CODE, and with Follow The Money, this groundwork is set as we work; just like a conveyor belt in a leadership-molding assembly line.

Hence, I am still occupied with making our humble efforts count, not only in Nigeria but in Africa. This is because I believe that, as global players in a world faced with universal existential challenges, the Nigerian youth must have their eyes on the global community in order to fashion a future that will work in our local society. It will be foolhardy for me to take for granted, the young people that appreciate my work and see me as a role model.

Nonetheless, I acknowledge the vision that drives the NCF, the mission they have set out to accomplish, and the urgency of the call to raise Nigeria to a new height of glory. This is why I wish them well in all their endeavors.

I am all for good governance, accountability, social welfare, national peace, and prosperity and I wish to focus my energies on my present work. While I hope for a future convergence with other patriotic initiatives, I must keep exploring the opportunities that are opening before us in our service to the country and humanity.

This statement serves as notice to the public and reiterates my earlier communication to the NCF team. May our dream of a vibrant, safe, and prosperous Nigeria become a reality in no distant future.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!



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