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Group task Nigerians to live a life of Integrity

Bukola Afeni

As part of measures of promoting good governance across the country, Accountability Lab Nigeria held its 2019 Integrity Icon summit. The Project was meant to highlight the effort of five outstanding public officers in Nigeria.

The Country Director of DAI Nigeria, Dr Joe Abbah advised all Nigerians to be free of corrupt practices both in the Public and Private sectors.

He said there is a need for the citizen to support the few that have the courage and will power to swim against the tide.

“Their lives and actions encourage all of us that, despite the challenges, it is possible to live a life of honesty and strong moral and ethical principles and values. Very few people that swim against the tide make it to safety.”

In the same vein, Abbah added that consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles are the hallmarks of integrity.”

“Corruption in the public and private sectors, identifying discretion, conflict of interest and a lack of compliance with statutory regulations, are some of the things which I do not tolerate”

The Ambassador of Sweden to Nigeria, Carl-Michael Gräns urged all Nigerian citizens to continue to push for equality, openness, and freedom.

“Integrity and transparency are   two strong pillars that democracy relies on to survive.

Government ministries and agencies, civil society organizations, businesses, private sectors and diplomatic communities must continue to promote this value”.

The Ambassador commended the integrity of the Icon project, which is free of nepotism, and urged the citizen to build on the innovation in other area of life.

Brazilian author, Claudia Wallin while making a presentation of her book, “Sweden: The Untold Story”, explained the historical context that led to the emergence of the nation of Sweden.

 “It is one of the most transparent and least corrupt countries in the world. She depicted the frugal lifestyle of public servants in Sweden with a series of enlightening videos.”

She hinted that the study of the model of Swedish Government shows that we have had our own struggles with integrity to overcome.

The 2019 Integrity Icons commended the Accountability Lab for the opportunity to let their stories to be heard.

They encourage Nigerians to maintain accountability and integrity in all spheres of life.


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