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Group speaks against Low Representation of Women in politics

The Coalition for the Inclusion of Women in Governance (CIWG) has decried the poor representation of women coming to the 9th Assembly.
The President, Women in Politics Forum, Barrister Ebere Ifendu expressed her displeasure over this act against the women folk in Abuja.
She said over the years, women has suffered gross neglect, discrimination and exclusion arising from socio Cultural and ideological constructions of gender.
The group added that  without inclusion of women in politics, deep rooted issues such as  maternal mortality, violence against women and fight against girl-child marriage cannot be reduced.
“The government alone cannot fight the battle. Some of the underlying issues that  women face cannot be possible without having a large representation in power.”
Barrister Ifendu  further affirmed that it is important for the Nigeria government to create space for more women to be part of governance at all levels.
“The number of women in the political arena has drastically reduced.
Elections show how men dominate politics in Nigeria. Although 47 percent of registered voters are women”.
“The country has never elected a woman president or state governor, and women only make up 6 percent of the 469 national parliament members”.
The Coalition also pointed out that most women in leadership positions  in the present administration have demonstrated high quality skills, discipline and strength in carrying out their duties for the development of Nigeria, and the world in general.

“ Few women in National Assembly particularly those who have cognate experience should be given Principal positions. Those who have proven their worth should be recognised for leadership of the principal positions in the National Assembly.”

“We are demanding a 50% allocation in political positions for Ministerial appointment, Board Chairmen and head of Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs), which should be represented at all levels of government irrespective of ethnic or religious group across the country.”
“ For Nigeria to be compliant with the United Nations requirements and its own Gender Policy, we are demanding a 50% affirmative action to reflect in the appointment in the 9th Republic”.

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