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Group raise concern over state of insecurity in Nigeria

Victoria Ogunrinde

Due to the worsening state of insecurity and economic contraction across the country, the Foundation for Environmental Rights Advocacy and Development, FENRAD, has raised alarm over the worsening state of security across Nigeria.

The Executive Director FENRAD, Comrade Nelson Nnanna who made this known in a statement said the whole drama playing out in the nation, is because Nigeria is failing in its role as a state.

Comrade Nnanna, recalled that it was on the grounds of fixing insecurity that the All Progressive Congress (APC) won the election, and reelection in 2015 and 2019 respectively, yet security under the party’s watch seem to get worse only.

He added that while all these happen, the president and commander-in-chief who have failed to address the situation has equally failed to address his citizens and nation. However, FENRAD expresses fears that should the status quo remain the same, the federal government may soon lose control of the entire nation.

The organization also raised concern regarding the state of economy in the country.

“Away from insecurity, economy which in itself another administrative pillar of the federal government prior to 2015 has contracted. Unemployment stands at 33%, inflation at 18.7% with Nigeria being declared the world poverty capital, the most miserable sub-Saharan nation and recently the third worst governed state.

Debt profile both domestic and international nears outrageous threshold,  the government of the day cannot defray or even service the debt alone, and yet Nigeria is seeking to borrow some more when it has the capacity to generate revenue from within and shore up the dwindling reserve.”

Worse remains, the growing number of out-of-school children (which some sources say stands at 14 million) all which pose potential security threat to the nation and her future. “

FENRAD however stated that the federal government has to do more on economy and security, since both are key to national growth and development or be willing to face the music of hard times.

In the same vein, he said most foreign investors are leaving Nigeria for Ghana.

“Over the past few weeks, Twitter moved its African regional headquarters and location to Ghana preferring the nation, which it said has a democratic process that allows media freedom which is consistent with the tech firm policies.

One need not be told that the harvest of the so-called ‘anti-social media and hate speech bills is causing more havoc to the country. The  Lekki youngsters of the EndSARS Protest use Twitter to send message to the rest of the world.

FENRAD in clear terms also condemned  the kidnapping of school children which has now graduated to University students as victims.

“The kidnapping of Dapchi and Chibok school girls,and the rest. Greenfield University and Federal College of Mechanisation Afaka both in Kaduna State are latest cases in point. Till date, some of the victims have been killed with the abductors demanding millions in ransom for those still alive in captivity. Worst is that even the so-called Safe School Initiative seems to have been jettisoned long ago, as the Minister of State for Education, Mr. Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba alerted the nation that government cannot protect schools within the federation


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