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GAVI invest over $2.7B to strengthen immunization and primary health care system in Nigeria





The minister of health ,Professor Isaac Adewole said  that GAVI has approved Nigeria’s proposal for transition with  an investment in the Nigeria Strategy for Routine Immunization and Primary Health Care Systems’ Strengthening (NSIPSS),worth over $2.7 billion of which GAVI has committed $1.03 billion .
The minister made the disclosure while briefing journalist in Abuja .
He said the Federal Government counterpart contribution which is in excess of $1.9 billion, will enable Nigeria provide vaccines for its children over the next ten years (2018-2028).
“This is the largest singular investment of any kind in the health sector ,since the history of the Primary Health Care System in Nigeria ,and heralds a new path to improving the health of Nigerians”
According to the minister ,the GAVI board approval of the funding envelope ,and the decision for extension of transitional period from 2021 to 2028 is a direct testament of the renewed commitment of the current administration ,and demonstrable leadership of Mr. President in enshrining accountability and transparency in all governments’ dealings especially with donor agencies.
Professor Adewole further ,said Nigeria stands to save the lives of additional 1,539,651 under-1 children by 2028 by driving immunization rates up to 85% in all states and improving the supply chain;
“This is coming at an auspicious time to complement government’s efforts to revitalize the primary health care system through the provision of the minimum package of care using the basic health care provision fund, all geared towards strengthening the PHC system in Nigeria”
“The PHC system caters for over 70% of the population who are in most need of health. Ten thousand (10,000) PHC centres will benefit from this where each PHC is fully equipped to provide the basic minimum package of care”
The executive director of the National primary health care development agency ,Dr Faisal Shuaib said the NSIPSS plan will have a direct infusion on the country ,as the sum of over $2B is pumped into the health sector .
According to him,the fund will help in addressing the issue of immunization and maternal and child health in the country .
“We have put in place building blocks that will develop the primary health care System,as well as improve on immunization financing .
All the aspirations that we have for the immunization and the primary health care systems ,will bring about strong reliable outcome for primary health care system ”
The executive director further added that the global community have taken the right decisions on behalf of the country .
“With the inherent capacity that we have in the country at the moment ,we will make considerable progress .
We have confidence that the right decision have been taking towards delivering Primary health care systems to Nigerians wherever they live ”
The WHO country representative ,Dr Wondi Alemu said the quality of the programme was reviewed at the global level ,and was given the necessary approval .
He further gave assurance that the development partners will continue to work with the government of Nigeria and ensure that there is robust primary health care system in all parts of the country.
GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance is the largest global coalition of the public and private sector with the shared goal of accelerating equal access to new and underutilized vaccines for children living in the world’s poorest countries.

In 2001, the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGoN) and GAVI entered into an agreement to strengthen immunization system across the country. During this period, GAVI supported the country with the introduction of life saving vaccines, which include PCV, IPV and Pentavalent vaccines, and provided additional support for non-vaccine operations. This amounted to a total contribution of $732,130,326 and as a result, has saved over 2 million lives in the last 17 years.

Following the rebasing of the economy, Nigeria rose above the threshold of support for GAVI eligible countries and entered into an accelerated transition from GAVI support. This implied that FGoN would have to progressively increase funding for its immunization program and the co-financing of vaccines until Nigeria transitions completely in 2021 out of GAVI support.

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