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I feel so disappointed following the report rising from the joint session meeting of critical stakeholders of Oro extraction comprising elected and appointed political office holders led by the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem on Monday 27th September 2021 at Emmjm Hotels, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State to discuss trending socio-political issues affecting the unity and peace of the state vis a vis Oro Nation.
I have said it before that, Oro people are not having a problem with the name change, but with the change in location.
It will be insane to expect a set of one most intelligent and witty people walking the face of planet earth (Oro people), to sit back and watch you rob them this much.
Ibaka has the deepest and most suitable natural draft for a Seaport, not just in Nigeria but in Africa, only second to Singapore. Available data from precolonial age till date supports this position.
But with politics of nepotism, and marginalization, you want to relocate the Deep Seaport to a place with lesser depth which will need dredging with all the accompanying environmental hazards and economic waste.
The people wrote an appeal to you, you ignored them, treating them with so much disrespect and contempt.
Off course you didn’t expect them to go to sleep.
Granted that the situation remains, what you want the world to believe, ie, the Seaport isn’t relocated from Oro?
Where is the supper highway connecting the Seaport from Oro to the State Capital and other parts of the state?
When even the only road connecting the 5 LGAs of Oro Nation to the State Capital, is a dead trap as we speak and has remained same consistently for 6yrs under your watch.
Where is the Access Road and the Gate way to the Seaport that is located in Oro Land?
How much more can one ill-treat a benefactor?
Oro people are not against the establishment of the Ibom Deep Seaport, neither are they against the Economic Progress of our dear state, Akwa Ibom.
They didn’t drive away the investors as being castigated. The investors left because they spotted the politics of nepotism around the Seaport project and feared their investment going down the drain.
They feared that the Seaport will not be economically viable with the new location.
Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem, Political Office holders from Oro should stop  putting Oro in bad light or be used as scape goat for anyone’s administration failure.
Enough of all this, Oro Youths are watching!!!
Comrade Uwe Akan
The Man Done Come
International President, Oron Union Youth Wing

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