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Foundation harps on the need to improve the Education sector



In this Interview with   The Education Correspondent, The Founder of Caleb Danladi Foundation spoke on the need for individuals ,corporate organisation ,and Federal Government to improve the Education sector.

Can you please tell us about some of your activities?

Caleb Danladi Foundation  have been engaged in several humanitarian projects. The foundation has recently embarked on building two blocks of class room in Kampani community, Jaba LGA of kaduna state. The project is supporting Child education and provides a conducive atmosphere for learning. This project is part of our community and rural development project. Some of the projects embarked by the foundation includes provision of relief materials to Internally displaced persons (IDP’s), donating medication and medical facilities to rural areas. The foundation has embarked on widow’s empowerment program. We have trained and empower widows on vocational training and business skills so that they can generate income in the future and be able to look after their families. As you are aware widows are amongst the most vulnerable groups in the society. Beyond skill acquisition, money and food items have been given to support them and their families.
The foundation has always been on the forefront in promoting Child education. We have distributed study materials to pupils in primary schools and have assist young orphans to achieve their dreams by sponsoring their education.

What area of intervention is your core priority regarding female and women?
We have two core priority when it comes to female and women. The first intervention is widow’s empowerment scheme. The aim of the intervention program is to train and empower widows to be independent and be able to support their families.
In some families, the husband is the bread winner and the death of the husband can traumatic with no source of financial support to the widow. The widows are forced to draw their children out of school and get them involve in different form of trade to support the mothers. We believe that this special intervention scheme will assist the widows to be independent and be able to take care of their children.
The second intervention scheme aims to support girl child education. It’s a form of campaign that aims to create awareness in rural areas on the importance of girl child education. Part of this scheme is to work with sister organizations to ensure that girl child right is protected and to fight against child labor, and child abuse particularly sexual abuse to children, early and forceful child marriage.

What advice do you have for our leaders as the electioneering year is fast approaching?

Caleb Danladi foundation is a non-partisan organization. We don’t engage in politics. However, we urge political aspirants to preach peace and to advice the supporters to shun violence that could disrupt the peace and unity of the country. We urge them to ensure they use the leadership office to promote peace and provide welfare .
Particularly social amenities, health infrastructures and education. Safety of lives and properties should also be given a top priority.
Can you highlight some of the challenges you face in the course of your work?

We have limited resources to continuous funding our projects. We have many target groups and have limited resources to reach out to the public.
Another issue is security situation, we plan to provide relief materials to IDP’s but due to security situation in those areas, we can’t get to the target group due to the safety of our volunteers.
We have limited capacity when it comes to training the volunteers.

What motivated you to start the Foundation?

I have passion for humanity. When I was growing up, I get worried by hardship faced by the less privileged in the society, and it has always been my dream to help the poor, when GOD Bless me. I feel fulfil when I render a helping hand, and help others to achieve their dreams in life.

Where do you see your self in the next 5 years?
In the next 5 years, I plan to establish a skill and vocational training center geared towards women and youth empowerment, and to provide financial assistance for kids of the less privileged who aspire to further their education and achieve their dreams in life.
We intend to undertake a capacity building and training that can help to provide new skills to our volunteers and staffs.

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