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FG should reduce illegal immigration -Head of EU delegate

Bukola Afeni

The head of EU delegation in Nigeria ,Mr Michel Arrion has called the attention of the Nigerian authority to the high number of illegal immigrants leaving the shores of the country ,who sometimes loose their lives while engaging in the task .
Mr Marion made this disclosure while briefing journalist in Abuja ,as part of the 60th year celebration of EU in the world.

Speaking further ,he said the young migrants are usually youths,who have lost all hope in the country .
It is such a pity that they are loosing their lives indiscriminately.
“The youth have lost all hope on their future ,this is a serious issue that should be dealt with appropriately .
“We are ready to improve on legal migration ,a lot of possibility to improve the options in the long time ,in such a way that will benefit the citizen .
According to Mr Marion, EU needs more migrants ,but this should be done in a regulated manner .
“We need people who can study,research, and engage in legal business ,within a regional framework of opportunities through the multiple entry options .
Reacting to the humanitarian crisis in the North east region of the country ,Mr Marion said the EU has been responding to the humanitarian need of the people in the region .
He is therefore calling on the federal government to improve in the area of security and logistics, as much attention is needed in this regard .
Though Boko haram is looosing ground in some local government areas ,we must commend the effort of the military personnel who have been playing a great role ,in ensuring peace and harmony is restored to the region.
Speaking further on political power sharing formular,the head of the EU said there has been gender imbalance going on in the country .
“I don’t understand why we have 36 state governors ,and there is no female among all these state governors .
He is therefore calling on the federal government to address the issue ,such that there will be no occurrence of such in,2019.
Mr Marion ,disclosed that the European union has introduced developmental programmes in Nigeria since 40 years ago.
Some of this programmes focus on improving electricity and power, improving food nutrition and security ,and fighting for the human right of the citizen.
“We see African countries as our strategic partner in community integration .
Mr Marion further noted that the core project of EU is peace and democracy .
“We cannot develop the economy of the country without peace and democracy .
We know that the European Union is going through some turbulence ,we tend to forget that the EU brought peace to Europe .
For most Europeans ,security is a top priority today.
The European Union has become a major security provider through civilian and military missions currently deployed in more than a dozen countries in our neighborhood and beyond.
The European Union is a unique economic and political partnership between 28 European countries that together cover much of the continent .

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