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AEPB urge Contractors to improve on standard of services rendered

The Abuja Environmental Protection Board has called on the cleaning contractors in the Federal Capital Territory to improve on the standard of services being rendered.
The Director of AEPB, Mallam Hassan Abubakar Maradun, emphasized that there is need for the cleaning contractors to put in their best while engaging in their work.
He further appealed to the contractors to gear up, in order for the FCT Minister to know that they are capable, and have the wherewithal to live up to expectations.
“There are some areas in the city centres, which are not properly cleaned. If you look at Orji Uzor Kalu area in Wuse 2, there are many droplets of leaves in that area, this means that the workers are not on ground”.
“My first assignment is to ensure that the allowances the board owed the contractors will be paid in due course.
I expect that with all the extra effort being put in place, the contractors will be paid within a short period.
Am liaising with the Director of FCT procurement to ensure that the outstanding money is sorted out amicably.”
” We want the contractors to live up to the task and standard of operations. We know the implications of the non performance of the contractual agreement.
This development also implies lack of capacity, it can tarnish the image of the contractors . It may also hinder further contractual agreement they sign with the FCT millennium park agency, and other ministries across the country”.
The Director also gave assurance that he will inform the Minister that the cleaning contractors is capable of handling the FCT environment.
” I want you all to know that no where in the world, will the government allow the environment to be dirty. We do not want a situation where we will find some leaves in some parts of the city centre”.
One of the contractors, pleaded to the FCT Minister not to split the contract, but rather issue out the cleaning contract to deserving firm.
Some of them also complained that the money which they borrowed from the bank has accumulated over the years.
He noted that some of the cleaning contract work has become unbearable by the non payment of allowances.
The Director responded that the aforementioned issues will be addressed appropriately.
A board member, Professor Garba said the cleaning work was not charity driven.
He added that it is private sector oriented and given to firms with relevant skills, equipment and capacity.

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