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Abuja Children’s Club launches the second edition of its newsletter

As part of measures of improving reading and literacy skills among children in the Federal Capital Territory, the Abuja Children’s Club has launched the second edition of its newsletter.

The initiator of the Abuja  Children’s Bookclub, Alu Azege said the newsletter has been giving out to three Government schools in the Federal Capital Territory For wider coverage, and also to improve the reading habit of the student.

According to her, the club originated out of the passion to inculcate reading habits into the kids in this generation.

“My experience as a journalist for over 15 years built relationships that have eased the progress of the book club, as well as a wealth of experience as a Development Communications expert made the work exciting.”

She explained that the second edition of the newsletter focused on the need for the present day children to know about indigenous languages and places.

“The theme focused on the current situation of indigenous languages around the world, aiming to highlight the critical need to revitalize, preserve, and promote indigenous languages to safeguard the life of indigenous culture for future generations”,

A Parent, Daisy Hembah said the  Abuja Children’s book club has really helped her children by improving their total well being.

According to her, it is a great privilege for her children to be part of the book club.

She encouraged other parents to inculcate reading habit into their Children.

“Am advising other parents to make good use of this Bookclub, and also bring their wards along to attend the meeting.

When the children come to the club, they engage in other activities that will add value to them. They meet different authors, and also go out on an excursion, which is also a good form of learning.”

Doser Azege, a member of the Abuja  Children’s  Bookclub, said the group has improved her reading habit.

She said being a member for three years, she has learned the importance of having the right attitude towards life.

“In some of our outings, we were also taught the importance of having the right approach and value towards life. It has also helped me in developing major life skills, such as selling.

I have learned that we are meant to be creative, and ensure that we develop our innate capabilities. All this will help in becoming a better individual.”

Tanitoluwa Ajiboye, a member of the  Book Club advised other parents to promote reading culture in their children.

He stated that attending the club has enabled him to interact with other students, and also visit other interesting places during Excursion.

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