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4 Out Of Every 10 Nigerian Men Are Not The Fathers Of Their First Children – DNA Expert Reveals

A Lagos-based DNA expert, Dr. Oyinwola Oni, has stated that 40% of men do not know that they are not the biological fathers of their first child.

He said this while recounting a rather personal event in his life where a former girlfriend attempted to force a set of twins on him. Speaking with City People, he said:

“How I got into doing DNA is an interesting story which all man should learn from. I lost my wife about 6 years ago. About that time there was a lady I have known for long in Nigeria but who now lives in the UK. I now said I will be in Germany on so,so date , can you come and see me? She came in November and we were together for four days. She left. I left. I got back home. I lost my wife four weeks after that. Then she became pregnant. She didn’t tell me. She waited for a year.

After a year, she said she just wanted me to know what she did in Germany, that she now has twins for me-a boy and a girl. I said now that I can’t say anything. I am bereaved. Give me time. How do you want my in-laws to react. Do you know at the 1st year birthday, I was in London with a friend. We did one year birthday for the kids. They were pulling trolleys around with the baby. After 2 years I bought her a car. After 4 years of loosing my wife, I now said let us now review the situation and see whether we can marry. As God will have it, I knew in my mind that I will do DNA before I marry her. Infact, we were even getting a room ready for her in my house. The carpenter was working. She was in the UK dictating what she wanted. I traveled to the UK. I carried her mother.

Before I left, I told my brother this is what is happening. I am going to carry this woman to have a DNA test to check if these children were mine. I will now ask them to come for the Ileya festival. We got there she was happy. I took her sample, took the children’s sample. We submitted the sample at the DNA center. We went to Italy together. We went for dinner together. Then I came back. When she was going home one night, I said let me check my mail. I did. The result of the DNA had come. I was not the father of the twins. Haa! I failed with 0%. If not for the medical lab scientist, those children will be in my house now, with me thinking they are my children. I can tell you this happens to so many men. Do you know that 40 percent of most of the 1st born don’t belong to their so called biological fathers, all over the world. Reason? Most of there ladies often have one or two boyfriends”he said

“I told her, lady from the result, I am not the father of your kids but I will help you. I explained to her, we met in November, you gave birth in August, perfect. That is the time. You can’t force that on any clinical person. Any pregnancy month minus 3 will give to the AAA. We got 9(Day 9). I asked her a few questions. So how come? She was to confess to me that because I said she should take the next available flight from Heathrow to Cologne, the first flight was 6pm and where she was, was very far. She had to stay with a male friend that was living close to Heathrow and that was her day 10. She said one thing led to another and she had sex with the guy. She came to meet me on the 11th and she ovulated around that period. She didn’t know. Atimes women know, atimes they don’t. A woman ovulates only one day in a month and it last for about 10 hours. And sperm can stay in a woman for 48 hours. So a lady can have 2 to 3 types of sperm in her system and when she now ovulates, any sperm that is fertilised can immediately hit that egg. That was what happened to her. So, the sex she had on the 9th of that month, the sperm was still there till 11th when she now ovulated. Before we met on the evening of the 11th, the egg had been fertilised. There are so many homes where they have this kind of problems”

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  1. Hmmm how sad

  2. It is sad that you engaged in having an affair with another woman while your wife was dying. What is the morality behind your claim. Am believing that the 40% includes your mother. Shame on Dr. Oyinwola Oni. Shame on you..

    • @ Tem, so sorry for U being a victim of this same subject, if not, I see no reason why pot should be calling kettle being black here, to be informed is to be transformed, d’ message had been passed to those whom have ear let them hear. Gbam.

  3. It is obvious that it is a woman that made the last comment, Dr OLAYIWOLA did not say he had sex while his wife was dying, He didn’t say the cause of the death here, rather many ladies and women are largely deceitful and liars, there is nothing as criminal as deliberately changing parternity, although the woman in this case claim ignorance, but in more than 95%it is deliberate , after all the women also claim they know parternity at each is a shame on the woman too who sleeps around like many others do too and pretend! Knowing fully that she’s on her way to meet another man, she was not forced or raped!. Women should be punished appropriately for such offences and not spared because they are weaker sex is not a license for misconduct or misbehaving.Thank God for DNA.

  4. I agree with Tem there is nothing moral about this post. I wonder d kind of effect this will have on our husbands and children. Is it to embrace adultry?

  5. I diagree with your so called science and your 40% rating. The problem is most of you men and
    wome n dont listen and get direction from
    God b4 engaging on strange women. That is why the world seem to be “wicked” world to live.

  6. That was sad,but how did you helped her and what happened there after, l want to know.

  7. Shameless man you cheated on your own wife during and even after her death. You have no conscience and let me correct this impression the fact that you are irresponsible does not make all men like you

  8. I can’t believe this doctor because we Northerns are not following esame like Southers, that use to sleep with women as proposer and get child before marriage, this is not our culture and religion believe, that is why those Southerners are getting children outside who are not their sons eg. Baby factories is not exist in the North but they have it in the South…….All majority of Northern’ marriage will begins without getting son before marriage, this is the reason why I can’t believe with this doctor, why he cannot make Northern examination before consulting their results?

  9. That’s your own theory,I believed I am the farther of all my I don’t believe your theory but I believed your story.

  10. Cock and bull story. Even your English sounds like an illiterates. You sound like all these chemist store owners that call themselves doctor. Your wife was dying and you travelled abroad to have intercontinental sexcapade. I am so angry with myself for opening this to read.

  11. Sir Kingsley Agbonaye

    Thanks Doc. Am happy you can now have DNA test in Nigeria.

  12. U r such a useless man!wat morals do I wnt to preach here,u dnt hv any conscience atall!let me mk it clear to,u r d one dat killed ur wife wit ur infidelity lyfstlye.r u nt ashamed to come out in public to announce dis taboo.vry irresponsible wicked man!u beta repent frm ur evil ways bf it will b late for!i pity dat ir late wife!may her gentle soul rest in peace,i cn understand vry well wat she passed tru in hands bf her peaceful exist.

  13. Doc tnx 4 dis inspiration

  14. I totally disagree ur theory, this is not because am a woman bt bcos ur equation dt produced the answer to ur theory is rubbish. Just bcos u re a victim does not means all men are also like u, no. As a doctor, u shd know more about research, findings and the use of experiments to carry out concrete n better results.

  15. I totally disagree ur theory, this is not because am a woman bt bcos ur equation dt produced the answer to ur theory is rubbish. Just bcos u re a victim does not mean all men are also like u, no. As a doctor, u shd know more about research, findings and the use of experiments to derived concrete n better results instead of ur own story.

  16. I like the fact that you said the truth but saying it proudly..hmmm..I wonder how you are raising your children knowing that their mum is no more

  17. I agree, we should all do it.

  18. Truth!!!.The truth is that some women gives birth outside Wedlock before marriage,While some gets into marriage by hook and some of those pregnancies they claim belongs to A may belong to B,but since they like A more than B,they had no choice but to hook it on A.
    Another is as a result of their inability to stop contacting some lover in the early period in marriage and since they are married and sleeps with their husbands,they may not bother worrying over who the child belong to or what people may say,they will just conclude its their husband’s,even when its their lover’s.

    I have seen married ladies who still meets with their boy friends during the first months of their marriage,until they gradually leave…some gets married for money and still keeps their side guys etc
    It is well…Sometimes it may not even be the first children,it may be the middle or last,depending on when some chooses to stray,as some will claim their husbands aint ok in bed,doesn’t have time to touch them,has another lady etc.So they decided to taste the Waters too and still brings the results home.
    While there are others that just hate playing games and won’t give birth to any pregnancy they ain’t sure is their husband’s.
    Others will not play games outside their marriage and can hit their chest and even lead in the DNA movements,knowing they never cheated.

    Men,I will advise;Instead you will discover what will make you die before your time or commit murder,you better stay off DNA because you may be shock at what you may found.

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